Raina van Setter

Our fearless leader originally hails from upstate New York, but has never felt more at home than she does in Tennessee, Apparently sweet tea has always flowed in her veins...who knew? She gets really excited whenever a couple selects lemon for their wedding cake since its her favorite flavor and when she's not busy planning events and weddings of all shapes and sizes she can often be found holed up somewhere cozy with a book. She's foodie who's all about petticoats, planning ahead and pretty things and she has a unique ability to reduce stress for her couples and their families so they can enjoy the planning process. Also, we are fairly certain that she drinks more tea than the Queen!

Mariah Davis

Our favorite Okie, who's not actually from Muskogee, contrary to popular belief. Hailing from the Cherokee tribe, Mariah was named after a song in the movie "Paint Your Wagon," she can often be found watching sports in her free time, which is rare since she is also currently in law school. Hailing from a really large family (she's one of 24 grandkids) she is our resident expert on family dynamics and her super power is being able to shop for shoes in the kids department...size 4 for this Cinderella!

Brittany Jones

Hailing from Alabama, Brittany is the definition of sweet and sassy. Auburn to the core, she can often be found rooting for the Tigers while spending as much of her free time as possible with her sweet niece & nephew. We are fairly certain that her super power is the ability to get even the most stubborn of guests to smile with her southern charm and quick wit. And she's a beverage connoisseur! Whether its cocktails, coffee or tea...we are pretty sure that she's got caffeine flowing through her veins...whether its a coffee bean or grape varietal, we're pretty sure she's aware of it!

Caroline Whittington

A local gal from Franklin, TN, with a big heart and a passion for anything that glitters. When Caroline is not working on an event she can be found reading the classics or writing quirky little short stories about her cats. She is obsessed with the Nashville Predators and anything hockey related, however, what we find most impressive is that she's our very own Dr. Doolittle! We are pretty much convinced she is an animal whisperer. She has such a connection to all animals, but especially cats and dogs. 

Abby Butler

A local gal originally from southern Tennessee who relocated to Murfreesboro in her earlier years, Abby loves the arts and any opportunity she has to be creative. She can often be found either with a book in hand learning something new or spending time with her close knit family working on creating all their themed Christmas ornaments by hand. Each year is a different theme, so this is a festive ongoing family project. We secretly believe she's an elf because she spreads cheer all year!!

Casey Brinegar

A local gal from Columbia, Tennessee, born with a wanderer's heart, she ventures from city to country and has some fabulous stories to tell. Having visited seven countries (so far)...she can relay her adventures in one of three languages. She is fluent in French, Spanish, Bulgarian and English. Recently returned from a year teaching English abroad after being awarded the Fulbright Scholarship, Casey seems to always be up for a linguistical challenge. In addition to languages, we are also fairly certain she knows the words to every song ever written. Seriously!! We've tried to stump her and just can't!

Morgan Jackson

Transplanted from southern Michigan, right off of Lake Erie, this sweet gal was always meant to be a southern belle. Creating beauty wherever she goes, with a designer's eye, she makes sure that everything is always elegantly displayed. When she's not sourcing eye catching items for clients, she can often be found at her daughters cheer competitions. We're fairly sure they get their talent and grace from their momma who was a competitive figure skater for over 13 years!

Ashley Jacobson

Transplanted from southern Wisconsin, not far from Milwaukee, this military wife has certainly seen a lot of the country, but nowhere else captured her heart like the heart of Tennessee. Entering the event world through the kitchen, this trained sous chef quickly found that being a chaos coordinator is where her passion truly lies. When she's not 'keeping calm and carrying on,' she can be found, cheese hat in place, cheering for her Green Bay Packers while snuggling her rescue pups. Our favorite thing about Ashley, however, is when she sings while setting up at events. Betcha didn't know she is also a classically trained opera singer!! Hearing her is a real treat!

Anita Jeffery

A Michigan gal through and through, she loves the changing of the seasons more than anyone we've ever met. She is the master of bringing order to chaos and is a planner in every sense of the word. She even shops for her Christmas gifts all twelve months of the year! When she's not sorting, cleaning or organizing, she can often be found at her desk writing her mother's memoir or spending quality time playing with her granddaughters Amelia, who is bilingual and Iris, our little "flower" girl.