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10 Groomsmen Gifts They Will Actually Appreciate

From time you propose to even beyond the moment you say “I do,” there is one group who will be by your side throughout the entire journey into marriage...your groomsmen. And when it comes to these key figures of the wedding party, knowing that they are going to be by your side for so much more than just the bachelor party, whether they are family, your fraternity brothers or childhood friends, your groomsmen are a surprisingly underrated key in making you big day all the more special. Now, its time to show them that you’re thankful for all that they do!

Finding the perfect gift for your groomsmen is usually tricky, however, if you prefer not to go with the standard personalized flask or the safe choice of a tie, we suggest you head on over to Groovy Guy Gifts for a full selection of gifts your group of guys will cherish for the long term, reminding them of that special day in both of your lives.

Groovy Guy Gift #1

Customized Pocket Knives

Whether you’re all more of the camping crowd or you're just looking to gift your guys with a useful tool that will equip them with all that they need when faced with tough situations, Groovy Guy Gifts has a wide selection of customizable knives designed for everyday use. The wood handle on our favorite from the collection gives it a classic look as it boasts modern features and performance. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the partially serrated drop point blade holds a sharp edge while being extremely resistant to corrosion. Adding a firm carved grip and nice heft in the hand, this is one gift that is designed to last a lifetime.

Groovy Guy Gift #2

Customized Wallets

Let’s be honest for a moment: how many times have you and your best buds gone out for a night that’s a little too wild, and one of you ended up losing your wallet? If this is a frequent occurrence, make finding those essential items a little easier by getting your guys a monogrammed wallet. Whether your guys are more traditional enjoying a folding wallet or more modern preferring a minimalist wallet or simplicity of a money clip Groovy Guy Gifts has personalized wallets for every preference. Whatever style, a custom wallet is a great gift that your groomsmen will use for years to come.

That said, we actually have two favorites in this category.

This leather one is a stylish option that they’re sure to keep an eye on, no matter where they go or what they’re doing. Leather wallets on average last about 2 to 3 years, so a gift like this communicates to that person that you wish them well and that you want them blessed with good fortune and success for the long term.

We also really like this unique travel wallet. It has a much more sleek/modern feel. Made from high-quality aluminum, this minimalist wallet stores up to 12 cards without bending. We also really liked the secure exterior money clip for easy access to those bills. However, more importantly, this was also designed to protect from skimmers trying to steal your credit card information. Armed with military-grade RFID protection, thieves won’t stand a chance.

Groovy Guy Gift #3

Customized Overnight Bags

Is there anything better than the gift of travel? Actually, yes...quality travel accessories. We’ve all had the struggle of overpacking and trying to organize our things in a Tetris like manner, so why not make your groomsmen’s lives a little easier with a smart carry-on piece. These monogrammed pieces will make traveling and packing much easier, and finding your belongings at the end of a long trip with ease.

Groovy Guy Gift #4

Customized Shaving Kits

Shaving is one of those manly absolutes in life, there is no way around. That said, every man appreciates the art of shaving in some form, so why not get them a gift they’ll actually put into good use? After a fresh shave using all his new engraved shaving accessories, he’ll be ready to dance the night away! Gift your guys all the tools they need from a cool, retro straight razor, scissors, a sharpening stone, and comb. Plus, how much do you love that every piece can be personalized from the razor to the box?

Groovy Guy Gift #5

Customized Cufflinks

If your groomsmen are in need of a style upgrade, then these sleek cufflinks are a step in the right direction. They have a neutral silver hue that complements any attire. Plus, they’re engraved so each and every pair of them are as unique as your groomsmen are. We recommend that you take your customization game to the next level and opt for an engraved wood box as well. You and your crew can wear them on the big day for some subtle coordination.

Groovy Guy Gift #6

Customized Whiskey Accessories

Tell us, what’s your poison of choice? Chances are, you and your groomsmen are fans of darker alcohols. Then why not take your love of whiskey and rum to the next level? This beautiful decanter and highball set isn’t just a statement piece for your home; it’s also a way to serve your whiskey, bourbon and rum at its peak flavor like a true mixologist. It’s sturdy enough to hold a full bottle of your favorite liquor, plus it has a sophisticated etched design that lends itself as a great home decor piece. Now you can create a full-bodied mint julep for your Derby party or swap stories and spirits in style anytime you and your boys are together.

Groovy Guy Gift #7

Customized Cigars Accessories

A great gift for cigar aficionados on the move. These gift sets come with a variety of cigar accessories from travel cases, lighters, and cigar cutters. They can hold everything your groomsmen need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes. This perfect gift for your favorite cigar lovers can be personalized with their names or initials to make it truly unique. 

Groovy Guy Gift #8 

Customized Coffee Mugs

Avid coffee drinkers? Then these personalizes travel mugs are a must-have: it’s coated with top-to-bottom insulation to keep your coffee hot from start to finish. Plus, these BPA-free mugs are stackable to save some space in your kitchen cupboards. They are extremely sturdy, so perfect for any adventure you and your guys find yourself on. Whether they are starting the day with steaming hot coffee or ending it with an ice-cold cup, these condensation-free customizable 30 oz mugs are perfect for commuting, weekends, fishing trips or sitting on the back deck. Made of long-lasting, anti-corrosive steel, the vacuum-insulated construction keeps beverages both hot and cold. We think that they are best when paired with the gift of a coffee subscription, of course!!

Groovy Guy Gift #9

Grill Master Set

Let’s get one thing straight: backyard cookouts are for all to enjoy. So, the next time your guys have friends over, let them elevate their grill master skills with one of these stunning sets. Not only is this pick customizable and engraveable, but it also comes with all of the essentials you need. Made from either high quality bamboo or stainless steel, these sets are extra tough with compact cases complete with secure latches and a rugged handle for grill anywhere capabilities.

Groovy Guy Gift #10

Customizable Timepieces

People won't be able to take their eyes off of these watches since wood is where it's at. And these beautiful timepieces made from ebony or bamboo will make time stand still. Your guys are guaranteed to love these stylish lightweight watches as they gather compliments from anyone who lays eyes on them. Engravable to capture the memory of your friendship forever, these are the perfect gift for the guy who already has it all.

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