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$100 off Postmates Delivery Fees!

If you live in the modern world, you are experiencing a level of convenience that is unparalleled in human history. Just imagine, you can now get on-demand delivery of just about anything at any hour of the day. Nowhere is this trend more evident than food delivery services...and we're talking WAY more than just the pizza or Chinese takeout. Nowadays, you can choose delivery from restaurants that range from Mexican to Mongolian, fast food to gourmet. Whatever your hungry bridal party desires on your big day!

With so many delivery apps out there to choose from, however, it can be difficult to know which one is best. We've field tested nearly all the different food delivery apps for you and there is a clear winner!


You may have heard about it but if you’ve never used Postmates before, they are a fantastic delivery company that’s been around since 2011 and they absolutely stand by their company tagline of anything at any time. And we mean literally anything.

From Pedialyte to cure the hangover from the bachelor party the night before to $1,000 worth of wedding day eats for your hard working bridesmaids and groomsmen, the Postmates fleet will deliver whatever your heart desires. #sponsoredad

Postmates Availability

The best food delivery app in the world is useless if it doesn’t offer service in your area, however, we have found that from downtown Nashville to those even in the more remote wedding venues out in the countryside, Postmates is the clear food delivery winner here.

Postmates Ease of Use

We love how easy it is to use Postmates. Who has time to fuss over food delivery on their wedding day or on their bachelorette weekend? Simply create an account so you can browse available restaurants in your area, create an order, then input your payment information and track your treats in real time.

Postmates Pricing & Promo Code

Cost is an important factor to consider when choosing a food delivery app, as delivery isn’t free. Postmates does charge a delivery fee, as well as some additional fees during times of high demand, however, with this promo code: DINNER you can get $100 off Postmates delivery fees just to try it out!

  • Delivery fee — This fee is $3.99 for Postmates Partner Merchants (you can identify these by looking for the green checkmark next to their name in the app). For all other merchants, the fee ranges from $5.99 to $9.99.

  • Service fee — This is a variable percentage-based fee applied to all orders. These fees help cover the service’s operating costs.

  • Blitz pricing — During times of high demand, you’ll pay extra for deliveries. This extra fee is calculated by multiplying the delivery fee by a variable amount. It’s the same principle as Uber's surge pricing.

  • Price of the items plus tax — This will be the same price as in the store, something you can verify with receipt for your order.

  • Optional tip — You can tip your Postmates if you like. Tips are not required. They’re certainly appreciated, though and we love Postmates because the delivery driver receives 100% of their tips and not just a percentage.

If you're frustrated by the idea of fees because you plan to use Postmates as often as we do, definitely consider Postmates Unlimited!

That affords you these great benefits:

  • $0 delivery fee on all orders over $20

  • No blitz pricing

The service costs $9.99 per month and its well worth it if you're often finding yourself without the time or inclination to go get food or last minute "Oh hey!! I could really use ____." We think it is an especially good deal if you want to order during times of high demand. Overall, we think that Postmates Unlimited offers the best pricing structure out of all the delivery apps if you’re going to regularly place orders over $20 and want to order during busy times.

Postmates Restaurant/Merchant Options

When it comes to restaurant selection, Postmates is the clear winner over all the other delivery services that we have tried. This mainly has to do with how flexible the app is. While Postmates does have a list of restaurants and other merchants to choose from, it doesn’t limit you to ordering from merchants on their platform which we absolutely love!

You also have the option to instruct your Postmate to pick up an order at any restaurant you can think of within the area that Postmates service is available, which is so fantastic! You can then give your delivery person custom instructions on what to get you. Obviously, you will pay more for this service, but the fact that it’s even an option sets Postmates apart from all the other food delivery apps on the market. Now, in addition to restaurant delivery, Postmates also offers alcohol delivery in select markets..and if you are looking for a a very specific kind of alcohol to be delivered, one not available at just any liquor store, Postmates is definitely the way to go!

So, if you’re considering a food delivery service and want to get started ASAP, Postmates should definitely be on your list!!

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