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14 Top Tips for the Perfect Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

We love mismatched bridesmaid dresses and we are so excited that they don't seem to be going to go out of style any time soon! We hope you are totally loving this trend as much as we are.You can be as traditional or contemporary as you want letting your imagination go wild. Honestly, there aren’t many ways to mess it up. However if you are hesitant we totally understand and we’re here to help!

Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to plan your mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Long gone are the days when all bridesmaid dresses had to be the same style, color and length. Lucky for you, you can have every single one of these elements creating a line of dresses different from all the rest! Now, how do you go about making them all look cohesive despite their differences? Here are our top tips!

Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to use patterns

It can be scary to use patterns when trying to coordinate a bunch of bridesmaid dresses because you don’t want those patterns to clash, but don’t let this scare you off. Patterns are a bold choice but also a solid one if you do it right. The key to is to avoid using too many. Be sure to select patterns that are more subtle so they don't clash.

Tip #2: Be aware of where they fall on the color wheel

Pay attention to your color selections and where they fall on the color wheel when selecting different colored bridesmaid dresses. If they are not next to or near each other, the dresses will most likely clash and not mesh well together.

Tip #3: Incorporate some sparkle for a little bit of glam

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are the perfect bridal parties to incorporate some sparkle into! Throw one, a few, or all of your bridesmaids in various sparkly dresses! We promise that they will slay this look!

Tip #4: Necklines don’t have to look the same

We love mismatched bridesmaid dresses most because you can cater to all sorts of body types. This way all your lovely ladies have a chance to shine! Some can wear strapless while others can feel more at ease wearing short sleeves. The best part is that each of your bridesmaids will feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever they are wearing!

Tip #5: Utilize transition colors

The best way to pull off a variety of colors is to be sure you include transition colors in between the more bold colors. This way if you choose to include maids in blue, orange and red to feature your full palate, you can do it with transition colors of grayish blue, champagne and pink.

Tip #6: Not every bridesmaid must wear a dress

There are TONS of adorable jumpsuits that would look beautiful with your other bridesmaids in dresses, so if you have a bold bridesmaid who prefers pants, rest assured that it's totally trending right now! Jumpsuits add some fabulous flare to any bridal party!

Tip #7: Provide strong guidelines & encourage communication

We do not advise that you simply tell your bridesmaids what colors you're thinking and let them purchase whatever they want. You will end up with a hodge podge of fashions and that never looks cohesive. The very best way to pull together the mismatched bridesmaids look is to set strong guidelines and encourage communication. Here is an example...tell your ladies that you don't have a preference on style or length, but you do want them to incorporate lavender into their dresses. Then ask them to also send you a photo of the dress they want to buy before they purchase it so that you can see how they all mesh together.

Tip #8: Use the same bouquet for each bridesmaid

Even if all of your lovely ladies are wearing entirely different dresses, be sure that they each carry the same bouquet to tie your overall look together. This will give your entire bridal party a more cohesive look in your photos.

Tip #9: Each bridesmaid should have the same accessories

Another easy way to make your bridal party blend together despite their different dresses is to have each bridesmaid wear at least one of the same accessory. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to gift them something lovely to say thank you. For example, giving each bridesmaids the same statement necklace despite the fact that they’re all wearing different dresses.

Tip #10: If you’re worried about what your bridesmaids will choose, have a pre-approved list for them to purchase from

If you are concerned about what your bridesmaids might select, assemble a list of pre-approved dresses or jumpsuits for them to choose from. This works especially well when you have a large number of bridesmaids and will allow you to breathe easy knowing they will all flow together well.

Tip #11: Different colors, same style

An easy way to pull off the mismatched look is to take of note the undertones of your wedding palette. Do you mostly have jewel-tones? Dusty tones? Pastel tones? Once you narrow it down to what types of undertones are most prevalent, incorporate them into the palette you use with your bridesmaid dresses. Determine if you want the various shades of the same color in your bridal party or completely different colors. For example, you could have a slate blue, sky blue, and grey-blue bridesmaid dresses. If you wanted completely different colors for a dusty wedding palette, you could feature a dusty pink, purple, and blue in your bridal party. Just be careful to make note of the tones and secondary colors you are featuring so you don’t clash colors with your palette.

Tip #12: Same color, different styles

This is the easy one to pull off! When selecting mismatched bridesmaid dresses, most brides choose to go this route simply because of the ease of it. Select a color that best fits your wedding vision and let your bridesmaids choose the styles that flatter them best. When brides choose to go this route, they usually limit their bridesmaids to one designer from one store. This ensures that all of the dresses are going to be the same color.

Way #13: Different colors, different styles

This way is intimidating to most brides but there is so much freedom involved! If you do it right, your bridal party will look gorgeous. Look up mismatched bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest, to find a plethora of ideas ranging from different colors to different styles. One of the best ways to pull off this type of mismatched bridal party is to throw a couple bridesmaids in patterns keeping the others in solids. The patterns add a lot of texture and flare to the over all look of your bridal party. You can have bridesmaids in various length, patterns, fabrics...really get creative with it! The key to this style is to have all of the colors complement each other in some way.

Way #14: Different shades, same color

Select a color and have each bridesmaid wear a different shade of the same color setting up your bridesmaids to create an ombrè look as they stand at the altar alongside you. This is a beautiful way to make your bridal party stand out. If ombrè is not for you, you can also choose to do different shades of the same color without creating an ombrè illusion by choosing slate blue, cornflower blue, and bluish grey for example. These we three colors mesh together beautifully!

There are so many beautiful options and if you dream of having a mismatched bridal party, we are glad it’s not as hard as it looks to put together! We hope our tips have been helpful Be sure to tell us your big bridal party plans in the comments!!

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