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14 Unforgettable and Unique Wedding Send-Offs Ideas

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Unique wedding send-offs have become an increasingly popular trend...from streamers to sparklers to glow in the dark balloons and beyond and we are loving every minute of it!!

The first dance is complete and the cake's been cut...now it's time for your grand finale. It's easy to make your wedding exit exciting with a little help from your guests. After all, gone are the days of throwing rice or bird seed. Couples are looking for ways to exit their weddings with a little more pizzaz and the chance for a great photo op. There are so many creative ways to exit at the end of the evening!

Sparkler Send Off

The most popular wedding send-off that we see is sparklers. Its a classic and that is why so many couples opt for this choice. A sparkler-studded exit is a great way to glam up a casual wedding or add a sense of whimsy to a formal celebration. However, sparklers are a bit controversial when it comes to weddings. Some venues allow them and others specifically ban them. While they do create beautiful photos, you need to consider that you are handing our literal sticks, on fire, no less, to intoxicated guests. If your venue allows them, be sure you are well aware of the guidelines and rules that apply.

Glow Stick Send Off

Glow Sticks are a super fun option for send-offs! You still get that glowing effect of a sparkler send off without the danger of actual fire. We love to make them even more fun when couples include necklaces and bracelets for guests to wear in addition to the large glow sticks to wave in the air and they cheer your exit.

Glow Wand Send Off

Fiber optic glow wands are also a wonderful and safe option for your guests. We especially enjoy glow wands as they have more than just a one-time use like glow sticks. Guests can take them home as favors or you can have them collected up afterwards and resell them to another couple for their wedding.

Firework Send Off

End your night with a BANG and light up the skies with your love! There's nothing more magnificent and grand than treating your guests to a full-blown fireworks show. Just confirm that your venue allows fireworks beforehand and cross your fingers for clear nighttime skies.

A professional pyrotechnics show is the perfect way to end your celebration in an unforgettable way.

Please note: Venues do not allow pyrotechnics without a licensed and permitted company in charge of them. But don't worry...we know a guy!

Streamer Send Off

This is the perfect option for venues who do not allow confetti or sparklers. We especially love the “streamer poppers” because the streamers stay attached to the tube, which means really easy cleanup! They provide the shiny reflective glow of sparklers as well as the party atmosphere of confetti but without all the hassle! They also come in a variety of colors (not just silver and gold metallic). By providing your guests with colorful streamers to pop as you leave the wedding, you are sure to have some very exciting photos and a whole lot of fun for you and your newly-minted spouse to pass through!

Classic Car Send Off

Surprise your spouse and wow your guests with a gorgeous vintage car getaway! We love to work with Vintage Auto Props, who make your selection of car available to your guest prior to the send off for photos of their own or Matchless Transportation. They have a fleet to select from, but our favorites are the 1960 Bentley, the Rolls Royce, and Waylon Jennings' Limo! They will even roll out the red carpet and have champagne waiting for you as your chauffeur whisks you away in style.

Bubble Send Off

Streamers and petals are pretty, but require extra post-ceremony cleanup. While you may think these suds only lend themselves to daytime celebrations, we disagree. With enough ambient lighting, a bubble fest will be just as visible after dusk—or you can even opt for glow-in-the-dark bubbles. And if you really want to get serious about your bubbly exit employ a bubble machine. Trust us, its worth it for some truly bubbly photos!

Ribbon Wand Send Off

For a sense of whimsy, offer your guests ribbon wands to wiggle and wave as you make your great escape. They are delightful with or without the magical tinkle of tiny bells.

Bonus: These colorful wands are a super easy DIY project. Just pick out your favorite ribbon combo and tie to dowels for the most dynamic and photogenic wedding exit.

Dried Petals And Herbs Send Off

Move over flower girls, blooms aren't just for tossing along the aisle anymore. A post-nuptial petal toss is a pretty and festive way to kick off the rest of the day's celebration. Rose petals, lavender, olive leaves, eucalyptus, or herbs like sage or rosemary are a wonderful option for a send-off if you opt to send off as you walk down the aisle or if your reception ends before dark. Most venues will encourage dried petals (not seeds) over things like glitter and confetti.

This is truly one of our favorite send off options because not only is the color stunning, but it smells amazing and creates such a romantic feel. This would be especially lovely at a wedding in the spring or summer and adds a bit of flair to any occasion. Not to mention they are also budget-friendly and sustainable send off item that provide complete immersion in the moment.

Glowing Balloon Send Off

These white LED balloons from Creativity In Balloons are a great option for an unforgettable reception send-off. A playful balloon toss is magical and possibly even far more fun than any of the other send off ideas we have seen. Having your guests toss these glowing orbs towards you and your spouse as you attempt to dodge them or return the volley makes for some unforgettable photos.

Confetti Send Off

Like glitter, the confetti will explode everywhere and make for incredibly colorful pictures. There's less sparkle and shine, but slightly easier cleanup. We highly suggest that you replace the traditional confetti with a biodegradable version so the natural landscape surrounding your venue doesn't suffer. However, keep in mind, these items, or any other item that falls under the category of “tiny pieces of debris that you would not want to pick up by hand” are typically banned from most venues as could be harmful to animals if consumed.

Pom-Pom Send Off

Have your guests shake more than just their booties at your party!! If you're not a fan of sparklers because you've just seen too much of them or if your venue has a strict "no pyrotechnics" rule in place, mylar pom-poms are a fun and fantastic way to be send off at the end of the evening. Whether in daylight or at night, these fluffy balls of fun capture the light in a way similar to sparklers so you will still achieve that desired effect.

Smoke Bomb Send Off

How about a real smoke show? Equip your guests with hand-held smoke bombs and dash off through clouds of color from delicate wisps and plumes to a full-blown, ethereal backdrop. You can even time it so your getaway vehicle drives through the mystical haze. But please only use these in large outdoor settings and double-check with your venue first. If you are surrounded by other people hemmed into a close area people may end up coughing and not being able to see you because of smoke in their eyes. Also, keep in mind that the colors may stain clothing and that any photographer should be made aware of your intent to use them beforehand. That said, we do love them, but most couples reserve them for photos of just them or them and the bridal party if they don't have access to a large open field.

Last Dance Send Off

Not interested in a send-off? Want to hang around and say goodbye to all of your guests? That’s OK too! Feature a “last dance” of the evening, similar to your first dance, except in this case other couples can join in after 30 second to a minute of the song has elapsed. This gives your photographer time to snap a few final photos of the two of you at the end of the evening. Whether its something upbeat, or a sweet slow song, it’s all a matter of your personal preference. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get everyone involved before the party ends.


Kongming Sky Lantern Send Off

We love the “Wish” paper lanterns as much as the next person. They make for stunning photos and everyone can participate sending their good wishes and blessings for your happy marriage and life together skyward. However, these lovely lanterns with flames inside are actually illegal in the state of Tennessee as well as several other states, unless you have a special license for them. They are a major fire hazard and could go wrong so many different ways. Having seen them so often on Instagram, or portrayed movies or on television, they become a wish list item for many couples. Just be sure to check the local and state laws before opting for this item as they banned in many places.

We would love to hear what you have planned for your stunning send off! Leave us a comment below with any other ideas you’d love to see incorporated into future wedding send offs!

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