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Make Your Party Sparkle With Edible Glitter!

Whether you’re planning a Kate Spade inspired bridal or baby shower or even a gorgeous unicorn themed birthday party, or you just need something sparkly to lift your spirits, nothing does the trick quite like glitter.

Its perfect if you’re planning an elegant party, a springtime wedding or even a fairytale birthday for a little princess. We simply love edible glitter! Its a great way to kick the festivities up a notch. All it takes is a dash of sparkle to add a bit of color and glam to anything from cake pops to cocktails. Throw in some confetti dipped balloons and some glitter garlands and you will have the sparkliest party in town.

Just imagine the wonderful mood you’ll be in after eating a glitter-topped donut! It could be black, gold or even rainbow colored, because there are zero rules when it comes to decorating your food so let's load up on all things glitzy!!

Pixie Dusted Almonds: The prettiest new take on Jordan almonds, these make-at-home snacks would be perfect for a wedding, party or afternoon treat. They’re just the pick-me-up you need to brighten your day.

Oreo Layer Cake: Deep, dark chocolate ganache is the perfect backdrop for some tasteful gold flakes. Sparkle on the outside to entice those tastebuds and Oreos on the inside to make your tummy happy!

Glitter Ice Cubes: Turn your ice tray into the life of the party with food glitter and an additional secret weapon (it’s not quite as simple as it looks!). Cocktails at girls’ night will never be the same after they’re iced down with these disco cubes.

Glitter Pops: Adorable for a party favor or just to use as edible decor, these lollipops are super easy to make and a real crowd pleaser for guests of any age.

Black Velvet Galaxy Nebula Cake: Any astro-enthusiast would *love* this cake on her birthday. Be that awesome friend and take the time to make her this outrageous starry galaxy cake. Don’t be intimidated — it’s way easier than it looks.

Sparkling Champagne: Subtle and elegant, just rim the edge of your champagne flutes with a bit of gold for sparkly fun or chill down your favorite bottle of bubbly with some glittered ice cubes.

Champagne Cupcakes: Sometimes you need something sparkly in and on your cupcakes. These have Champagne in the batter and the icing, so you really taste that bubbly flavor. Shower the tops with gold sprinkles to make them extra jazzy.

Sparkly Marshmallows: Take advantage of all the fun colors edible glitter comes in and use it as party decor! Just dip marshmallows in some edible glitter for the most dazzling s’mores or hot chocolate you've ever seen!

Disco Truffles: Anything with the word “disco” in the name has to be amazing, right?! Beneath the edible gold glitter is an indulgent chocolate truffle that deserves every bit of its snazzy topcoat.

Golden Cupcakes: These are cupcakes baked in little ice cream cones, then topped with a generous layer of gold sprinkles to make them look like little microphones for a disco theme.

Glitter Donuts: Whether you’re making these for a glitzy bachelorette party or a nine-year-old’s birthday, they make a show-stopping centerpiece. Plus, you can buy store-bought donuts to start off with and jazz them up in no time.

Bronzed Wedding Cake: This wedding cake looks like a million bucks with those top layers covered in incredible bronze-colored glitter. It's a simply, yet elegant way to really jazz up those luxe layers if you're not a fan of florals.

Shooting Stars: If you’re seeing stars, it’s not because you’ve been drinking too much! Edible stars are a patriotic addition to your coming New Year's Eve festivities!

Magical Meringue: Simple vanilla meringues make a great base for decorating. Even just food coloring and a paint brush give these a pretty upgrade, but the edible gold leaf really takes it over the top.

White Russian Cake Pops: Little glitter gold stars and a heavy pour of vodka make for a delicate but dangerously decadent dessert.

Galaxy Bark: Unicorn bark had its moment recently, but galaxy bark is just as cool and easy to make. Starting out with a black base creates the perfect backdrop for your galaxy and allows the colors, star sprinkles and edible glitter dust to shine.

Rose Water Glitter Cake: This simple cake and fruit are lightly dusted with a gold glitter for a dessert that isn’t in-your-face glittery. It might also be fun to just dip fruit in glitter for an even simpler look.

Gold Glitter Cake: Adding a little bling to your cake is always a good idea. This gold dusted cake would be lovely for a birthday or Oscar party, or even as one tier of a towering wedding cake. Add bold flowers as a topper to complement the gold.

Happy Goth Blackberry Popsicles: They’re happy because they’re glittering and they’re goth because they’re dark and moody — and sometimes we can relate to both. Reserve these for when you’re having a bad day and need some cheering up.

Glittering Cookie Sandwiches: These tiny sandwich cookies are a breeze to make and can be customized to any color palette you want. They are perfect for end of the evening party favors!

Luna Lovegood's Pudding: Harry Potter fans, it’s time for a freakout. We can all agree that this pink and sparkly pudding perfectly personifies the quirky Luna Lovegood. Aside from that, it’s delicious, and would be fitting decor for any gathering.

Magical Macarons: Homemade macarons are one of the most thoughtful gifts you could give someone. Fill the middle with their favorite buttercream flavor and decorate the tops with various patterns of edible gold paint and glitter. These would be a great treat for a new mom to celebrate her bundle of joy.

Glittery Gold Oreos: Chocolate-dipped Oreos are a holiday favorite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them all year long. Switch up the color of the glitter depending on the event and you have a festive treat for any occasion.

Glittering Gianduja: Glittered bonbons should be a required accessory for all cupcakes. If you can’t get your hands on Gianduja, Nutella would be a fine substitute with a similar flavor… but no subbing the glitz, please.

Funfetti Party Mix: There’s only one way to accessorize your sugar cookie puppy chow, and that’s with rainbow glitter. This would be so fun as a party favor, or just an uplifting road trip snack.

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