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Kayla + Dillan / Oaklands Mansion / Tennessee Wedding

Rhett & Scarlett, Romeo & Juliet, Lancelot & Guinevere, Darcy & Elizabeth, Superman & Lois Lane, Luke & Lorelai, Kayla & Dillan. As many great love stories began, once upon a time, there was a boy who met a girl and they fell in love.

Even though it was love and first sight for Dillan and Kayla, they were only in high school when they met. For a decade they shared dreams of what the future would bring and for each of them it always included the other.

Then along came Caiden, quite possibly the sweetest most adorable ring bearer that we ever met. He has his parent's kind hearts and a smile that can pretty much charm anyone into doing his bidding. Thankfully he always uses his powers for good!

This precious little boy walked down the aisle as ring bearer and stood in his place better than most adults we've seen, hut once he realized his mother wasn't there he quietly began to peek around the hedge for her. Spying her off in the distance looking like the most beautiful fairy tale princess he's ever seen he reverently whispered, "Oh!! Momma..." then looked over at his father who shared the same expression upon seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

Now, you may notice in these side by side photos of the bride and her father that he is wearing a different tie in the formal photos from the one where he is walking her down the aisle. As we were lining up, preparing for the processional Kayla's father disappeared moments before it was time for her grand entrance. Upon his reappearance Kayla began to cry happy tears at the site of his apparent costume change. Her father was proudly sporting a SpongeBob Square Pants tie...her very first father's day gift that she selected purchased for him all on her own when she was only a little bit older than her son. We all melted a bit over that one, I can assure you!!

Despite the threat of rain and unbearable heat at the start of the day, mother nature more than cooperated providing perfect weather with a gentle breeze and jubilant rays of sunshine streaming down on our happy couple.


Flanked on either side by those closest to them, Kayla had her mother as her matron of honor and her younger sister as her flower girl. Dillan had his childhood best friend and his new brother in law by his side as they vowed to forever love and cherish one another.

Gray, dusty pink and lavender roses, accented by a wide variety of eucalyptus, fern and palms the ceremony and reception had a lush feel and incredible fragrance.

The romance didn't stop there! These two lovebirds couldn't take their eyes off one another for a moment. Whispering sentiments of love to one another during their first dance...it was as if not a single other person was in the room besides the two of them.

This is what true love looks like...

Then Kayla and her Dad showed off their Daddy/Daughter dance moves to the delight of all their guests. Seeing how much fun everyone was having out on the dance floor, our adorable ring bearer, Caiden wanted to get in on the action as well and insisted upon a dance all his own with the beautiful bride.

Being able to stray from the cocktail area outside to the elegant ballroom inside, guests truly made the most of this beautiful mansion venue.

The best part of the evening, for sure, what dessert!! We know that this was the part that Kayla and Dillan had been waiting for since they said their "I Do's." And who could resist flavors like cookies and cream, strawberry swirl, German chocolate, and chocolate/vanilla marble? Thankfully there were more than enough of the incredible cupcakes to go around because they didn't want to share their delicious cutting cake with anyone except each other.

Following cake, Dillan showed everyone how to tear up the dance floor, much to Kayla's delight! These two really know how to have fun together. With their contagious smiles, boundless amounts of energy, and sheer delight in just being together we dare you NOT to smile when you spend time with them. Their happiness is absolutely contagious!

At the end of the evening, Dillan and Kayla ran off into the night to the cheers and shouts of those who love them most. Everyone wishing them their very best for a long, happy life together.

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