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Should I Elope? All You Need To Know.

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

If you are concerned over budgeting or really just feel like sometimes you’re walking into an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen party instead of someone’s nuptials and want to avoid the $30,000 and up price tag or all the hassle, elopement with our sister company, Elope in Tennessee might be something for you and your fiancee to consider given that nowadays, elopements are the best way to escape the craziness of the modern-day wedding and focus on the person you’re marrying—and why.

Elope in Tennessee

Let's go through the Pros and Cons with our co-workers at Elope in Tennessee and see if eloping is right for you.


Bill Paying Bride

Saving Quite a Bit of Money

Remember that $30,000-plus price tag we mentioned above? If you decide to run away with Elope In Tennessee, you can be wed for less than $3,000 and still be able to invite 25 of your nearest and dearest! As expectations for marriage ceremonies rise, couples are finding themselves investing in everything from custom made, monogrammed corn hole boards to specialty favors and signature cocktails for their wedding guests. It is a large investment for just one day, so if all the hoopla is not for you, and you aren't a deeply sentimental person, eloping might be just the ticket for you!

Tennessee Country Elopement

Avoid the Pressure That Comes With Planning

The merging of two families can be difficult in itself. There is no denying that there are all sorts of situations that arise during the planning process and without an expert planner, this can certainly leave a couple under a fair amount of stress. Let's face it, wedding planning can be a complicated process. We find that couples who choose elopement as an option is because they want intimacy and the freedom to do their own thing their own way.

RCA Studio B Wedding

Your Ceremony is Just About the Two of You

When you have a long guest list, a massive bridal party and an extravagant venue it can be hard to focus on the whole reason that you are there. Your day should be all about you and your fiancee...its a pretty big deal! If you take a step back and realize that your wedding has become about more than just the two of you, unified for life, then that is when you should begin to consider whether eloping is right for you. That said, just because you’re eloping, it doesn’t mean you need to forgo all the things you dreamed of having. If you have dreamed of your dress, your vows, the photos and flowers, all of this will be provided by Elope In Tennessee. The fact of the matter is, when you have guests, it can feel like it ends up being more about them and not the happy couple. With Elope In Tennessee you still get your professional hair and makeup, a wedding cake, a professional photographer, a wedding planner, beautiful flowers and an officiant. All you have to provide in your dream wedding dress and/or suit and your marriage license. They take care of the rest! The only thing that you will find missing? A distant cousin, mother or girlfriend adding stress.

A Cowboy and his Bride


Some of Your Family & Friends Might Get Hurt

There is no way to avoid it. Extended family members and friends might feel like you’ve excluded them from your special day. In addition to "Just The Two Of You" elopements, Elope In Tennessee also offers micro weddings for up to 25 guests. Its not the grand affair that some people will expect to be invited to and they simply cannot understand why they won’t also be able to attend yours. At the end of the day, however, we are sure that you will be able to mend your relationships...it may just take some time. If they really love you, they’ll come around eventually and just be happy for you. That said, if you are particularly close to your parents, you may want to give them some sort of heads up if you don't plan to invite them.

Two Brides - Nashville Wedding

You Don't Enjoy the Idea of the Whole "Planning Process"

Often we hear that one of the best parts about getting married is spending so much time with those closest to you. Some of our brides have even said that their bachelorette party was like their ultimate birthday party with all of their friends celebrating them. When you elope, you miss out on wedding gifts, cake tastings, venue tours and bridal showers. Be 100% sure that you won't have regrets later on in life. After all, you are choosing to miss out on key moments of your wedding with your family and friends; skipping the planning process with your mother, your closest friends, and your spouse. They may be ok with it, but it is also very likely that they may end up feeling slighted and robbed of the experience.

Bride and Groom Send-Off

It Might Feel Like Less of a Big Deal

Part of what makes matrimony feel so monumental is being entirely surrounded by all of your family and friends. Just think of it this way, you spend most of your life celebrating your milestones with them, you may miss getting to share one of the largest of your life. Also, wedding ceremonies are often followed by a beautiful reception with dinner and dancing...you won’t necessarily have a party in your honor if you choose to elope.

Deciding whether eloping is a good idea is a big decision, and it’s not one to take lightly. What did you think of these pros and cons? Continue the conversation in the comments.

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