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30 Non-traditional Engagement Rings We Love

If you think an engagement ring should be an expression of individuality, then you’ll likely opt for a handcrafted, artisan piece. It’s not always easy to know where to start, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite jewelers for you to peruse.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, going handmade isn’t necessarily a more expensive option. You pay for a brand with mainstream jewelry stores and you are them limited to their choice of stones, cuts and metals. When working with a jeweler directly you have the option to really open up a world of lesser-known, possibly less expensive materials, like black or icy diamonds, raw stones, as well as other colored precious stones. More importantly, you’ll know exactly where those materials have been sourced from so you can make an informed, ethical choice.

A colored gemstone, whether it has been cut, sliced or remains raw, can be a stunning alternative if diamonds aren’t your, or your fiancee's, best friend. Remember though, this ring will hopefully be worn til death do you part, so it should be a quality piece that’s comfortable to wear and will stand the test of time as well as everyday wear.

Here are some of our top pics for unique engagement rings. Most of these jewelers are available online and since question popping season begins Thursday, please feel free to share our blog if you need assistance dropping some subtle hints.



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