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A Photo Booth That's Worth The Splurge!

If you’re hemming and hawing about whether or not to have a photo booth for your big day maybe you’ve never stepped in front of a photo booth like the one from Ivory Door Studio before? We’re going to assume you haven’t, because if you had, you wouldn’t even need to question it!

Having had them at many of our client's weddings, and seeing how much their guests enjoy them, we thought we’d share our thoughts on exactly why you absolutely should have Ivory Door Studio's photo booth at your wedding! Or any other big celebration for that matter!!

No matter how discreet your photographer is, there are always a few people who will notice them snapping away and be restrained. But inside the photo booth, well anything can happen, I’ve only ever heard booming belly laughs coming from behind that ring light, guests really do let go. It’s surprising what a few audacious props and the pressure of a prop change can do!

However much we love our family and friends, there will always be that person who needs coaxing out of their shell. This interactive Gifyyy photo booth from Ivory Door Studio is an excellent way to get all ages joining in. Trust us, it lightens up even the toughest of critics. Plus, the queue to join the fun will get your guests mingling. Using a banana for a pipe while wearing a pink feather boa and top hat is a damn good ice breaker right?

The most wonderful thing about Ivory Door Studio's interactive photo booth is that it is environmentally friendly. Gone are the days of a million photo strips littering your reception, left behind forgotten by guests. This amazing Gifyyy photo booth allows you to text yourself the images and share it instantly with family and friends! This is a great instant memento for them, and for you, when at the end of the night you'll get a complete gallery of all of your nearest and dearest in one photo gallery having had a good ole’ time. Plus, your guests get to have a giggle at others’ pictures too. Be warned though, the longer the night goes on, the sillier the photos and the more fun they will have!.

Another positive for having a photo booth like this one is that with that amazing ring light, everyone looks like a rockstar...they will certainly want to take even more photos once they realize how incredible it makes them look! Once dinner is over and you’ve snuck away for some newlywed photos with your photographer your guests will be clamoring for some silliness and fun at that photo booth before you return to the dance floor.

Speaking of dancing, having an interactive Gifyyy photo booth from Ivory Door Studio is a wonderful option for guests who don't want to dance.It gives those attendees something to do when they need a break from the dance floor. Plus, photo booths can be a great ice breaker for guests who haven't seen each other in a while or who don't know a lot of people at your wedding. Think of it as a good place for your loved ones to bond.

At our weddings, without Ivory Door Studio's interactive photo booth, we find that guests being guests will naturally start to drift outside for a smoke, fresh air, or to stretch their legs after a 3-course meal; the photo booth not only fills the gaps in between changes and other happenings, it keeps the guests in the party vibe.

Having a photo booth at your wedding is fun for your guests they are filled with laughter, silliness, crazy antics and raw enjoyment. After all is said and done, when our couples get their photo booth galley back from Ivory Door Studio, they often say that they are filled some of their most precious memories of their loved ones having the time of their lives! Bottom line? Trust us. It's fun and memorable for all! Intrigued? Watch this awesome photo booth in action here!


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