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Sheryl + Bobby / A Steampunk Affair / Murfreesboro, Tennessee

There are few things we love more than an excellently themed wedding truly expressing the passions and personalities of the bride and groom. This is just what we got with Sheryl and Bobby when they approached us with the idea of a steampunk wedding.

Sheryl, an incredibly talented artist and owner of Hippie Haven Studios, she knew that the dress that would best suit her would not be found in a wedding gown boutique or even online...and we are glad that it didn't because the results were simply inspired!

After hand drawing every single intricate detail on the fabric, Sheryl joined forces with talented local seamstress Suzanne Hebden to bring her dream gown to life. By utilizing a bold black off the shoulder top that flowed into a soft silk white skirt showcasing flowers, leaves, mandalas, clocks and gears. In keeping with the theme of a simple black and white, Sheryl added soft streaks of lavender and silver to her hair which off set the raven tresses. Her hair and makeup artist, Alicia Maynard ensured she had the most dramatic look for her walk down the aisle at the lovely chapel at the Historic Cannonsburgh Village.

Sheryl not only designed her gorgeous wedding down, but the invitations as well. They were a sneak peek for all invited as to what her dress would look like, however, upon receipt no one realized that at the time. We highly recommend that if you would like to make a statement with your dress, jewelry or invitations to contact Hippie Haven Studios. We know Sheryl would love to make your wedding just as special!

Now, we would be remiss if we didn't mention all the stunning hand crafted jewelry adorning not only the happy couple, but the entire bridal party as well. Each piece was entirely unique, created by Hippie Haven Studios with the particular loved one in mind who would be wearing it. We simply can't seem to take our eyes off them!

After four long years together, everyone in attendance was absolutely elated that Bobby and Sheryl finally decided to tie the knot, however, it all began with a movie date when Bobby took Sheryl to see Guardians of the Galaxy...bonding over the kick ass soundtrack, they just knew they were always meant for one another. When they finally began talking about getting engaged Bobby recalled how Sheryl once mentioned that she wasn't a big fan of diamonds because they were trite and exploitive, so when he finally proposed, he told her that he promised to pull the stars from the sky for her.. and he did with the most beautiful meteorite ring ever. (ALL the feels!!)

Sheryl also crafted her very unique steampunk bouquet from her collection of broken jewelry. This, however, wasn't just mere upcycling or craftiness on her part. It actually had a very special symbolic meaning. In her vows to Bobby she said, "When I met you my life was full of broken things; broken hopes, broken dreams; broken promises and a broken heart...like this bouquet you taught me to take all the broken things in my life and turn them into something beautiful." (Crying yet? If not, just wait...)

Bobby then replied to her beautiful sentiment of love with one of his own. From his vest pocket he pulled a lock of iron fashioned into a heart. Then, reaching into his other pocket, he revealed a set of keys. Holding these up he said “When I met you I had locked away my heart for over a decade where it grew cold and dusty...but you came along like a breath of fresh air and dusted it off. I now give you the forever keys to my forever heart." (There wasn't a dry eye left in the entire chapel.)

Thankfully these tears were quickly turned to delighted laughter as officiant Connor Moss, when asking for the bride and groom's rings which were lovingly created for them by Kayla Connelly of Geotique Designs, referred to them as "fricken rocks from outer space." Well, what else do you expect when in lieu of diamonds you opt for meteorites?!

After a standing ovation with their kiss the happy couple danced down the aisle to "Come Get Your Love" followed by their bridal party, family and friends. They danced the night away at the Lion's Club Clubhouse while dining on savory snacks provided by chefs Manny Santana and Kevin Sherwin as well as Kaci and Andrew Payne. Thanks to Adrian Odham and Carol Wollard from the Mid-State Brew Crew, provided special suds for the bride and groom from Tennessee Craft Distributors in their honor. Attendees were treated to Red Silo's Mango Me Crazy & P-Nit Butta as well as Noble's Golden Arrow ginger cider. For the guest who prefer wine, they were treated to a special vintage from Let's Make Wine also created for the newlyweds. A cranberry seasonal blend they called Island Mist to toast the happy couple with. Rather than a traditional wedding cake, because Bobby and Sheryl are anything but traditional, they opted for the locally roasted and blended Music City Coffee and a tower of donuts from Kwik Mart, first place winner in the local donut derby Bobby sponsored years ago.

Thankfully, the incredibly talented Brittany Herrington was on hand, camera in hand, to capture every detail and precious memory from this incredible and festive day as well as Jerry Winnett from Forgotten Tennessee who put his very own special spin on the images creating an old time feel to this historic event.

Hippie Haven Studios created all the decor and centerpieces for both their reception as well as the after party that lasted late into the night at Let's Make Wine where a glorious time was had by all!


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