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Oh no!! What do I do? - Advice from your wedding planner

Basically from the moment you get engaged...you can start working with your Wedding Planner. Not only will working with a professional who has the knowledge and experience save you TIME, it will also save you MONEY. They will guide you on getting the best value for your money and their industry network will score you awesome deals. It's a win win!

Traditionally, on an envelope you would write Mr. & Mrs. John Smith, and in some instances, where you're not familiar with everyone on your partner's guest list...you may find yourself not actually knowing Mrs. Smith's first name. As a planner, we strongly urge you to familiarize yourself (and your planner) with the first names of every man, woman and child that is invited to your wedding. Big or small weddings are still considered personal affairs, and this helps to avoid a number of potential sticky situations.

What's to be done when an invitation does not reach a guest? This is always an awkward situation but sometimes mistakes really do happen. Assuming there is no time to have a formal invitation delivered before your wedding...then we highly recommend a personal phone call where you apologize for the mishap and fervently explain to the person how honored you would be if they could attend. I would even follow up with an electronic copy of your invite so the person can have a copy of the details on hand.

During the wedding you should make an extra effort to chat with the guest and make sure to take a beautiful picture with them which you could send them later as a special memento.

If you are really having a hard time pairing down that guest list, we suggest that you split your master list into two separate lists. By having an "A" list of guests you absolutely must invite because they are immediate or close family members or friend who you have known and remained close with most of your life; and a "B" list with everyone else you can get a better handle on things. Be sure your "B" list is prioritized, that way when someone from your "A" list RSVPs that they cannot attend you can send out an invite starting with the top of your "B" list.

Here's a great wedding planning tip: Do both decor and Photography site visits not only at the time you would be doing your wedding portraits, but also at sunset, That way you will see what the space looks like once you loose all natural light. This doesn't only apply to outdoor reception venues. There are some spaces, while indoors, that still have natural light helping to illuminate the setting. So, decor ideas will have a very different effect once it is dark.

An experienced wedding planner can help you not only stay within your set budget but also save you time and money by already knowing which vendors would best suit your style and monetary guidelines. This way you will not have to spend endless hours researching them all yourselves.

Working with a designer to create your wedding stationery can be such a wonderful experience. We honestly recommend it for everyone. Aside from benefits such as saving time and yes...money, you really end up with something that is a reflection of you, your love and what you want for your wedding. Also, once the design is selected you will now have such an easier time figuring out your decor, your bridesmaid dresses...even your cake! It all just falls into place!

By sending those invites out early you will not have to stress at the last minute about whom to put next to whom. This is also a wonderful way to bond with your mother and your future mother in law, as they will know best where their guests should be seated.

This is truly our main focus as planners...to make sure that every Weddings & Events by Raina client truly achieves the wedding of their dreams while keeping family and friends' feathers UN-ruffled. It hurts our hearts when emotions like stress, anxiety and even anger pop up around the wedding...Not on our watch!

What's to be done??...Sometimes guests can get caught up in the excitement and their chatting volume can be a tad high even during speeches. No worries...the wedding MC can gently recapture their focus by reminding them (preferably in a comical way) to be MINDFUL of their chatter.

As planners, we would step in and give the MC guidance...but it is always nice for you to mention it when you are going over the day's plans with your DJ or Band Leader.

How would you deal with these sticky situations?...We come across so many situations during the course of our work with clients...so we're always happy to share our tips and tricks with you! Contact us today for an event consultation.

Quite often people wonder just what a Wedding Planner does...please refer to our blog post "Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Designer" to learn which is best for you...a Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer or Venue Coordinator. In our opinion is always best to have all three, but for those who cannot afford to do so, it is smartest to have a Wedding Planner above all else as they will be the ones with your best interests in mind at all times.

We know that this is a pickle that a lot of couples get into right after they pop the question and the ring goes on...here are our top advice tips on Selecting a Wedding Date to help you truly get that ball rolling.

Sometimes you really just need someone tools over what you already have and give you some TRUSTED feedback. We are more than happy to be that person for you! We've been there, and we've gone through the process with so many wonderful couples...and honestly, we truly wish that everyone could fully enjoy the experience of planning their wedding. So with that in mind, we've created this 1-hour review session. Email us at weddingsbyraina@gmail.com and we will go though all the plans you have so far and create an amazing game plan going forward!

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