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Everything You Need to Know About First Looks

The first look is a magical intimate moment, full of emotion. It is a lovely alternative for the happy couple to get the most out of their wedding photo coverage with beautiful photos and, likely, the only moment alone they will have a chance to enjoy together. Trust us, alone time is rare thing during the wedding day.

A first look is one of the most emotional moments during the day when the couple has a a few precious moments to see each other before the big moment, but also to let their love show without anyone around to inhibit it. We always recommend a first look, even if you don't actually "look" just so you have a moment to center yourselves, calm your nerves and just 'be' with that one person who is the most special to you. We highly recommend that you have your first look in a less crowded area, without anyone watching it, other than your photographer and videographer, to minimize outside interference or the fear of people seeing your reaction to one another.

In our experience, the more intimate the better. And also, the more time reserved for your first look, the better your photos will turn out. Don't try to get it done extremely quickly as time really influences the coverage of the first look and your wedding as a whole. More time means being able to explore more locations, angles and gives the two of you an actual break to be able to take it all in. It has been out experience that couples often have so much to say and hardly can take their hands of one another following their first look. Sometimes makeup even needs retouching due to all the tears flowing. It is the perfect moment to hydrate as well. Just don't try to rush things. Enjoy the ride, live the moment, and forget about the chaos around you for a second. It is ok, we've got your backs!

The moment right after the first look is also a great opportunity to take some couple and individual portraits at your selected location. Keep in mind, this may be impossible to do after the wedding officially starts and your guests are everywhere. So when couples ask me about the first look I say "JUST DO IT." Really? Yes, really! One of the biggest fears is that having a first look will take away from that special moment when you first see each other at the altar, but that is a huge myth. If anything, not having to share that moment with everyone you've invited is what makes it even more special. Plus, even if you want to go the traditional route, a first look is always a good idea since it can be done with your the bridesmaids, siblings or parents in lieu of your partner.


Get out of the ordinary and secure creative photos for the wedding album

All shots come out beautifully, loaded with emotion and feeling

A unique moment for the couple to enjoy each other on their special day

It can make a couple less nervous and anxious at the time of the ceremony

The couple do not have to miss the party to take additional pictures, since everything can be done beforehand!

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