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Not that we don't love traditional, classic brides all in white, but lately we’ve been totally obsessed with offbeat, interesting wedding dresses. These dresses are just as gorgeous as white dresses on a bride’s wedding day, but are meant for a more daring bride who’s willing to defy tradition and march to the beat of her own drum.

What comes to mind when you think about your future wedding dress? Is it long and white with ruffles, lace, and delicate beading? Or do you dream about walking down the aisle in a floral gown paired with a flower crown? Or would you wear something even more daring and outrageous sure to get tongues wagging?

You may be wondering why brides wear white to begin with? According to tradition, it all started back in the 1800s when Queen Victoria married and wore an exquisite gown of white satin trimmed with white lace. White was seen as impractical because it soiled easily and could only be worn once, so only wealthy families had brides wearing white. Since Queen Victoria was quite the trendsetter of her time, this was a momentous moment in fashion and it has stuck ever since. The more current tradition is said that white is used to symbolize joy and purity of love on the wedding day.

That being said, white isn’t the only color brides are walking down the aisle in lately! Non-traditional wedding dresses are all the rage! Step away from those traditional styles and inject some of your own unique personality into your wedding!

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your individual style. If white satin and tons of tulle don’t do it for you, perhaps one of these non-traditional wedding dresses will give you some inspiration to go out and find that perfect dress meant just for YOU. Here are some suggestions for how to select that gown that expresses your personality and truly makes you feel like a bride.

1. Match with your groom. How cute are these couples?! You can have your groom match whatever pattern or color your dress is so that your dress won’t seem out of place.

2. Stay consistent with the look and feel of your wedding. Whether or not your dress is a bold color or just has more subtle details like gold beading, you can try matching your dress with the look, feel and colors of your ceremony and/or reception.

3. Own it! You can pull off any dress you want to wear, even if it isn't a dress, on your wedding day as long as you have the confidence to back up your decision. If you love your attire and you radiate that love on your big day, everyone else will love it too! All of these brides made bold, unique choices and they definitely pulled it off. You can too! These pantsuits make for the perfect wedding ensemble for a sleek and put together look.

Pretty in Petals

Floral wedding dresses are a great way to infuse boho vibes into a wedding! Get creative with the colors and prints to find a wedding dress that really speaks to your playful, creative and sexy side.

Comfy Chic

Adding a pop of color while keeping your look chic and simple. You can still look playful and sexy on your wedding day while remaining cool and comfortable and better able to enjoy your time with your guests.

Two-Piece Love

Separates are popular among brides and we can see why! There’s just something ethereal and romantic about getting married in a two-piece, not to mention they are so much more comfortable, lights and airy. They also give you the ability to switch things up between the ceremony and reception if you choose.

Would you wear a nontraditional gown on your big day? Would you dare to wear yellow, green, blue, or even black on the big day? For brides who are looking for a softer look but still want to make a statement, blush is always a great option. Which is your favorite colored wedding dress?

Tell us what you think!

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