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Amanda + Weston / Romantic Backyard Wedding

While one of the main goals of a wedding could be to create an intimate setting; for some couples small and intimate isn't exactly what they envision when planning their big day. For Amanda and Weston small and intimate may not have been on their agenda, but they, like many others, found themselves in a predicament as their wedding day drew closer and closer...a pandemic hit causing everything around them to temporarily close down. As social distancing mandates went into place, severely limiting the number of guests they could safely invite to share in their festivities, they were faced with two options: 1. postpone the wedding day until things return to normal, or 2. keep their original wedding date and look towards a new direction as an uncharted adventure. With a couple that has a true passion for gaming and fantasy, naturally went with the chose your own adventure route. They couldn't have been more pleased with the end result, too! It was a fun and intimate event that had everyone laughing well into the night.

Switching from a traditional venue, they chose to host their ceremony and reception at the private residence of a close family member, who, lucky for them, has a beautifully manicured and landscaped back yard. This lended a magnificent, lush backdrop that was easily transformed into a romantic paradise - complete with a gorgeous tree that just begged for the couple to say their 'I-Dos' under. The bride supplied a quilt that she had made for the occasion to hang in the tree and serve as the backdrop to their nuptials - lending a personal touch to the atmosphere that had everyone delighting in the vibrant splash of color.

Amanda was an absolute vision with hair and makeup done to perfection. She was escorted to Weston's side by her three daughters as they embarked on the start of their new life together uniting as a family. It was apparent to all in attendance that this particular accompaniment would bring joy to all involved. The pure happiness and smiles on bride and groom's faces as through the ceremony, officiated by Weddings & Events by Raina's very own Raina van Setter, were absolutely contagious! The shouts of jubilation as the ceremony concluded could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

In fitting with their fun loving personalities, he couple started their new adventure together by taking a quick joy-ride on their father in law's Ural Motorcycle, much to everyone's delight!

When Amanda and Weston returned, Amanda surprised Weston with a Game of Thrones Dragon Egg cake expertly designed and baked by Jenifer's Cakes. With the beast of planning a wedding during such trying times behind them, it was only fitting that our groom slay the dragon and start off his marriage as a true knight! (She even had a decorative dagger commissioned for him to slay the dragon with!!)

The fun of the day continued into the night, and we are so grateful to Divine Images for capturing every joy filled moment! Guests were beyond delighted when they discovered that a close friend of the family was preparing traditional Filipino Bar-B-Q Pork & Shoyu Chicken for dinner. The amazing smells of the food left people anxious to eat, but Concoctions was there to provide refreshments to everyone while they wait to sink their teeth into dinner.

Guests spent the evening mingling, laughing and telling stories about the bride and groom as they ate, drank, played lawn games, and sat by a bonfire; all while listening to the expertly picked music selection from Music Tree Entertainment. And Music Tree Entertainment not only provide music that kept guests singing and smiling, they also provided the group with a Bride and Groom themed trivia night that ended in a face-off match that had everyone belly laughing and cheering.

Amanda and Weston's wedding is a testament to the fact that sometimes planning doesn't go 100% to plan, but with an adventurous spirit and an amazing support group, like the one you have from the amazing team at Weddings & Events by Raina, it can still be one of the most unforgettable and enjoyable experiences of your life, which, at the very core, is the essence of what you want from your wedding day.

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