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Amateur Baker vs. Professional - Who to choose for your wedding day.

If you have a family member who also happens to be a licensed and insured baker, then having them make your wedding cake is a fantastic idea. If they aren't…we really don’t recommend this. Even if they make the best cake you've ever had, if they don’t do it professionally, it is likely that they don't necessarily know all the tips and tricks for successfully producing a wedding cake for all the guests in attendance.

Considering the Size & Structure

Making a cake for more than 100 people is actually far more challenging than it looks. This is a considerable amount of cake with quite a lot of weight stacked onto each of those layers. Licensed bakers know how to make sure their cakes are structurally sound. By incorporating food friendly dowels and other materials when stacking these tiers they can build a tiered cake will hold together and not fall to pieces when moved or cut into. Professional cake artists also know exactly how many servings you’ll really need for all those guests and how much cake to make to feed them.

Considering the Materials & Surroundings

Other items to also consider would also be whether you should have fondant or buttercream as well as the location of your cake. Will your reception be outside at 3:00pm in August? If your cake is coated in a beautiful layer of buttercream on a hot day, it will begin to melt. There is just no way around it. And when things start to melt, they go downhill rather quickly...literally. Those beautiful layers will start to slide and make your cake look unseemly. This is caused when your cake starts to sweat. Too much sweat causes those tiers to start slipping and your cake will go down like a delicious avalanche. We’ve actually seen this happen and always try to warn our couples against it. A professional baker, however, can help you plan ahead for the elements and will make suggestions for what to do to keep your cake looking lovely.

Considering Liability

Just hypothetically, if something were to happen and someone became ill after eating the cake at your wedding, would your friend or family member feel comfortable taking on that liability? Licensed and insured bakers carry insurance to protect everyone against this. In the event something were to happen, the liability would fall on the baker and not on you or your family member/friend.

On your wedding day, we recommend leaving it up to the professionals and letting everyone else just have fun celebrating with you!

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