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Be a dear. Wrap in clear.

You're invited to a shower

For a lucky bride-to be

Please bring your gift unwrapped

So everyone can see

Recently the trend of cellophane or no wrapping has been catching on at bridal and baby showers all across the country. Don't be surprised if you receive an invite that says, “Please be a dear, and wrap in clear.”

Brides and expectant moms have been requesting this growing custom for two reasons. The first is so that the guest of honor has more time to mingle and visit with all their guests. The other is for a “display shower” where all of the gifts are set out for everyone to see. This comes in handy especially when a lot of people are invited to the shower and unwrapping each gift will take up a lot of time.

However, be mindful of the median age of your guests. If they tend to be more old school we recommend shying away from this new tradition. They may feel slighted because aside from the food and eating, they may feel that opening the gifts is a major part of the shower. They put a lot of time and effort selecting the right card and going through your many registries to find just the right thing. They want to see the pleasure on your face when you unwrap it and see their gift for the first time. Not to mention all the pretty gifts all stacked up. Who doesn't love that confection of paper and ribbon?

The newer generation are definitely in favor of the display showers whereas the traditionalists are really not huge fans of this. We asked some of our lovely couples for their thoughts...

Allison said, "I really dont want to spend 3 hours opening gifts at my shower.. I want to mingle! My mother and future mother in law are horrified at the idea and think the guests will be too. They say its tacky but I think its brilliant!"

Steven said, "I recently got an invite for a shower with this wrap in clear nonsense. I am just getting a gift certificate. So tacky!"

Rose said, "Basically I think its boring to open gifts and everyone attending already knows what was on your registry. I am willing to open the cards and hold the gifts up as usual. I just dont want to waste more time unwrapping when I could be mingling."

Millisa said, " I guess it is supposed to save unwrapping. Clear being either no wrapping paper (go green) or clear plastic so they don't have to unwrap to appreciate. I think it is annoying and selfish. I love to wrap gifts, but I love even more watching the surprise when the receiver opens the gift!"

Michael said, "Wrap in clear? That doesn't seem right. Its too much sun seeing all the pretty packages and wondering what is in them. What's next? Just order online from the list of things they want, have it delivered and skip the party altogether??"

Susan said, "We are losing so much that was pleasant and right with everyone constantly trying to save time. Stop saving and sit back and savor!"

Jessica said, "I would much prefer a wrapped present not only for the aesthetics of it but it just seems tacky to have presents unwrapped.

We would love to hear your thoughts!! Please comment below if you have attended a "wrap in clear" shower and let us know what you thought of the experience.

To help ensure that your bridal shower is all that you’ve hoped for and more:

• We suggest consulting with your mother, maid of honor, and/or bridal party about any particular requests you may have. For instance, breakfast if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, let them know a brunch party would be a fun way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

• Play a maximum of three games (some can be too time-consuming and monotonous for guests).

• Decide whether you want to include a wishing well or recipe cards. Although they're trendy with brides, they may not be your cup of tea. Bridesmaids, don't feel pressured to include every single bridal shower activity you've ever heard of, especially if it doesn't tie into the party theme you've chosen.

• Brides, decide whether or not you're comfortable with receiving lingerie from your bridesmaids. If so, let them know whether you prefer to do a quick show-and-tell or you're okay with a receiving line of pretty underthings.

• Decide whether you want to ask guests to “be a dear and wrap in clear." We also suggest that to keep the peace, allow the more traditional guests the option of keeping their presents under wraps. • Give your loved ones some direction and it will help to ensure less stress for them and showers of happiness for you!

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