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Be My Valentine

62% of adults say they celebrate Valentine’s Day. They say love makes people do crazy things, however, the holiday comes with added pressure for both men and women to live up to the hype. Every Valentine’s Day couples prepare well-thought out (or last minute) romantic gifts and plans. Do you celebrate the most romantic day of the year? Whether you love it or hate it – we want to know more! Who is your Valentine? How did you meet? What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy? Do you send cards to your loved ones? What are your favorite flowers to received on Valentine's Day? We want to hear it all! Comment below to tell us more.

Let's explore Valentine's Day by the numbers...

How do you celebrate? What are your favorite Valentine's traditions?

What is your Valentine's Day persona?

What's YOUR love language?

What's the State of your love?

Did you meet your Valentine online?

Will you be my Facebook Valentine?

Will you head off to a romantic retreat?

Is your Valentine fair?

What's your Valentine's environmental impact?

Love spans the generations.

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