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Best gifts for coffee lovers

There is a special category or even a caste of people who have sincere, reverent feelings for coffee. They will understand the sourness of the admixture of robusta in Arabica; baristas will be criticized for low-quality foam on a latte; would never even agree to take a sip of an instant drink. If you have such personalities in your environment, give them something related to the coffee ritual. Such a gift for a coffee lover is the ultimate dream.

How to choose a gift for a coffee lover

A coffee expert will choose a present for a “companion” in a matter of minutes. For the average person, however, pleasing the pros is a difficult task. In order to correctly choose a gift for a coffee lover, it is highly desirable to have the following information:

1. How he prefers to prepare the drink.

2. Favorite varieties and brands

Best gifts

Coffee beans

A tasting set from a well-known roasting company is a great solution. You don't have to think about how to present coffee in an original way, how to present it. The manufacturer took care of this. Solid roasters produce samples in beautiful packaging. The branded wooden box with cells looks especially stylish.

Gift set

Modern companies like MyFriendsCoffee offer ready-made beautiful gifts for coffee lovers. This is usually a package of coffee combined with a mug, Turkish or spoon. Sometimes syrups, cinnamon and other ingredients are added to the kits to make unusual drinks. If your favorite brand is not well-known, stick with the classic grain arabica from a recognized brand (Lavazza, Jardin, Molinari, Jamaica, etc.)

Coffee subscription

Some popular roasters have such a service - a client is sent monthly new varieties and blends for tasting. The subscription is for 6 or 12 months. Such a gift will make any coffee lover happy.

Appliances or dishes

Devices. Cool options: coffee machine, French press, coffee grinder, Aeropress, V60 funnel, 3D foam machine, tamper, coffee scales, reliever, cappuccino machine, sieve set.

Turk. Every self-respecting coffee lover should have this container. A good Cezve is made of forged copper, has thick walls, a wide bottom and a narrow neck. If you add a pack of elite beans and a painted oriental tray, you will get a luxurious coffee set as a gift

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