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Bold, Beautiful Black Cakes

Truth be told, we love all cake designs. Everything from the gorgeous watercolor confections to ones sporting deckled edging and geometric motifs, no matter how you slice it, cake artistry is in no short supply, but a certain palette is trending more and more each day and we couldn’t possibly be more excited about it! There are just so many options when it comes to wedding cake designs and styles it’s a wonder how anyone comes to a decision. If you’ve already gone through this process, now is the time for a well-deserved pat on the back. However, we would love to throw another option in the mix before you make your final selection, a sophisticated and sultry black wedding cake.

Traditionally wedding cakes are primarily white, while more daring cakes may add other colors as an accent. These bold, visually impactful cakes truly make quite a statement using the unconventional and moody black. Upon discovering this trend, we wandered into a beautiful black wedding cake hole, and finally came up for air to bring you some of the most epic onyx cakes to date. Just a word of caution, though...you may want to rethink your blush pink palette once you feast your eyes on these moody beauties.

Black makes for an impressive, atypical wedding cake that your guests will remember and discuss for years to come. Black cakes are also wonderful for graduation cakes, anniversary cakes, birthday cakes, or any special occasion cake because they lend themselves so well to be paired with other pops of color or metallics such as silver, copper or gold.

There is just something so elegant about a black wedding cake.They are a modern trend that demands a formal setting. By accenting your cake with a white lace design the end result is something absolutely stunning. And black cakes are perfect at a late summer, fall, or winter wedding adding to the mood of the season. While it might be a bit dark for a summertime wedding, we love them the rest of the year long.

Weddings are becoming moodier by the minute and the black-on-black aesthetic is just so chic we love that couples everywhere want to take a bite out of it. Would you dare?

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