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Box Your Way Buff with Grind House Boxing

“Box your way to look like BAD AZZ BRIDE” is what Charlotte Price, Head Trainer and owner of Grind House Boxing says. She knows planning a wedding can be stressful. A bride usually has NO TIME to think beyond the necessities required to make her dream wedding come true. At some time during the day, when stress arises, it’s amazing what a 45-minute full-body boxing workout can do for your mind, body and spirit.

Charlotte is seeing this boxing fitness craze on the rise but finds that it is doing more than just burning calories….its creating a sorority of community and camaraderie among women.  Her heart led her to open this gym because after noticing this sport was either not offered or dominated by men in most gyms. When women did attend boxing classes, they were either not taken seriously or overlooked. Charlotte, a Box-n-Burn Certified Trainer, made it her mission to open a facility where women could come and no longer feel fearful, insecure or disregarded. We suggest brides bring their grooms along to class to show off their new skills.  Grooms want their 6-packs for the wedding so the mixture works well together. What we want is for those that walk through the door, men or women, to walk out feeling better from when they walked in. “If that happens, I’ve done my job as an owner and my mission statement has been accomplished”, says Owner Charlotte Price. Grind House Boxing is an inclusive fitness gym. We welcome men too!!

Grind House Boxing is a 2,300 sq. ft. facility with high industrial ceilings, mounted TV’s, sound system/speakers and assorted equipment in a designated section. This gym doesn’t just offer boxing, members are able to come in to “open gym” times and utilize any of the machines, weights, bikes, treadmills, medicine balls and boxing bags. This atmosphere will remind you that you are away from the outside world while you focus just on YOURSELF!

Remember brides, in conjunction with burning calories, toning muscles and building endurance, having fun while working out is the key. Having a calm, peaceful disposition is needed when planning this special time in your life. The feeling of empowerment is liberating with boxing.  All ages and fitness levels are welcomed. The goal is to take you where you are when you walk in the door and make you healthier in every way possible when you walk out!

Grind House Boxing is open 7 days a week so NO EXCUSES!  “Ask yourself one question: Are you and your health worth 45 minutes while having fun?” Come on brides…and grooms… the time is NOW!  Come by and check them out...your first class is FREE!

Charlotte Price, Owner


2812 Old Fort Pkwy, Suite E

Murfreesboro, TN 37128


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