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Brides are Sweating for the Wedding

Raise your hand if one of your big wedding goals is to get ‘in shape’. I’m betting your hand is in the air! Let’s face it, there is no denying the fact that your wedding is a serious motivator to get fit and healthy. If traditional gyms are not for you, however, we would like to suggest you try something new. A place where loving your body takes center stage because strong is the new sexy. Do away with boring, generic, and unenthusiastic workouts and gym contracts. H3O Aquatics offers personal training, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or Tai Chi to achieve results faster than traditional land-based training without the pain or stress on your joints! After all, the easiest way to lose 90% of your body weight in an instant is to get chest-deep in a pool of water. Ok, so buoyancy doesn't count as a weight-loss strategy when you return to land, but it explains why exercising at the H3O Aquatics pools is easy on the body—any body.

At H3O Aquatics they will help you create a regimen that you actually see yourself continuing post wedding. They will leave you wanting to invest more in this new lifestyle and instead of it feeling like “crunch time” (no pun intended!) Start this exciting new chapter of your life with enthusiasm…just like you are beginning your marriage! H3O Aquatics fitness program will also help you combat all the tons of celebratory events that lead up to your wedding…events that can lead to unhealthy choices. This is one of the only times in your life where all of your loved ones are coming together from near and far to celebrate you! You only live once, so make sure you don’t let fear and stress hold you back from fully enjoying these events. And if you happen to over indulge just a little, not to worry…you can actually burn up to DOUBLE the calories on one of H3O Aquatics awesome underwater treadmills rather than using the traditional land based variety.

H3O Aquatics focuses on making you feel good about yourself. They will help you focus on gradual lifestyle changes rather than abrupt dietary restrictions and strenuous workouts you find with crash wedding diets. They will help you focus on an exercise regimen that will make you feel successful. Your wedding should be all about you, and the amazing team at H3O Aquatics wants to ensure you can walk down that aisle with confidence, strength, grace and beauty.

Underwater workouts are a completely new experience that you won’t even need swimwear to experience. Many of their clients still wear traditional workout clothes. The pools at H3O Aquatics are all heated to a cooler (92 degrees) and warmer (94 degrees) depending on your preference for your workout. Each pool is also equipped with massage jets for you to relax and enjoy after your fitness training. H3O Aquatics has a special focus on providing health and weight management services by utilizing the properties of warm water and specialized aquatic equipment to create a comfortable low impact work out environment. This is one of the most accessible places to exercise and utilizing their unique underwater treadmills will actually burn about 40% more calories while building and toning your muscles faster than traditional treadmills.

The water will not only stabilize you, but it will also create resistance in all different directions strengthening your muscles, toning your body all while you loose fat. The best part is, it feels like you are walking on a cloud. H3O Aquatics has a fully equipped staff to assist with your training or you can pay as you go exercising on your own with their underwater treadmills, recumbent and spin bikes, ellipticals and other aquatic exercise equipment. You’ll have such a good time you will forget you are working out! If getting fit with your friends is more your style you really must try one of the many classes offered at H3O Aquatics. They have everything from aquatic kickboxing to bridal boot camps all in their heated therapy pools. H3O Aquatics believes that each person deserves more personal attention than can be achieved in a large group classes. They have found that better results are achieved in smaller sessions. These aquatic exercises are especially ideal for busy brides because while you are seeking the benefits of exercise, you can get fit in a reduced amount of time because water workouts burn more calories faster.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest you relieve yourself from the stress of wedding planning for 15 to 30 minutes at a time with their amazing HydroMassage bed, which you can utilize fully clothes in a private room, where you can customize the perfect heated massage to relax away the dress of the day. If you're freaking out about staying on track and reaching your goals, their personal trainers will motivate and support you and the best part? No gym membership required!

But the MOST fun thing about H3O Aquatics is that they also host fun events for weddings parties, bachelorette parties—you name it! It’s always such a fun experience. They even have music and a disco ball for your pool time fun! Bring in your snacks and treats, break out their super silly and fun pool toys and you are guaranteed fun for all ages!

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