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Brides Get Buff with UFIT Fitness

We love you just the way you are! However are you ready to have all eyes on you? If there is a wedding fitness goal you'd like to achieve before your big day we have the perfect place for you. UFIT Personal Training isn’t a traditional gym, which we understand really aren’t for everyone. It is actually a private fitness studio, so there is no waiting for equipment and a dedicated one on one focus with their trainers guaranteeing you a true VIP experience.

The earlier you can put your workout plan into effect the better, especially if you're hoping to lose a more significant amount of weight. If you a weight loss goal of 30 pounds then it is best to get started at least six months before your wedding. If you’re only looking to lose 15 pounds, then plan in needing three months to focus on reaching your goal. Even still, leave yourself a little wiggle room on either side just for those time when you have a few bad days… or weeks. It’s ok to loose focus, but with the amazing staff at UFIT Personal Training, they will do their best to keep you on track and motivated as you really begin to see results. Every workout is different so you never lose interest and as you shed wedding weight, they will be sure you also have enough time to really tone up and sculpt your physique so you look absolutely fabulous in your dress.

You can even specify your wedding fitness goals. For example, strapless is a great way to show off your shoulders and clavicle, which is very subtly sexy. If your dress has a deep V, this is a wonderful way for a bride to show off her toned arms and chest because the eye is drawn downwards to the V and toned arms frame that V. A bride who may want to direct the focus to her legs, a high-low illusion dress would be perfect. The overall effect of the floor length illusion dress still elongates the body for an elegant look making you appear taller, yet still leaves room for the fun element of showing off those legs you have toned to perfection at UFIT Personal Training.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or build muscle before your wedding, the fitness club at UFIT is the perfect place to become a buff bride. Their top notch team works very closely together to create the perfect combination of physical training, nutrition education, and accountability for you, your lifestyle and your wedding timeline.

In addition to physical fitness, UFIT can help teach you how to incorporate better eating habits. In addition to eating more at home where you have much more control over what goes into your meals and shopping at the farmers market for the freshest ingredients, they are happy to share meal plans and recipes to get you where you want to be. After a few months working with UFIT’s nutritionist you may even realize you and your fiancee enjoy cooking together so much that you will stick with it even after the wedding. Most importantly, however, they will teach you to listen to your body. Eating clean (whole foods, nothing processed) will really make you feel good physically and mentally. Of course, you will come to find that the same thing goes for working out at UFIT. Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being, making you feel more confident. Their recommendation? Just get moving! Stop by UFIT Personal Training and they will get you moving in the right direction!

During your planning process, brides will find that they are going to be constantly inundated with marketing and media telling you to lose weight for their wedding. Of course, every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. The team at UFIT Personal Training firmly believe that it is a wonderful goal to get healthy and fit and feel great both inside and out before and after your wedding. Even if you have never been very athletic, UFIT could be a real game changer for you.

Their concept of one on one training, with a focus on health, nutrition and fitness not inches and dress sizes leaves you ending up feeling great. That confidence shines from the inside out on your big day. Don't be restricted by wedding diets and endless boring trips to the gym forcing yourself to unhealthy extremes. "Strong is the new skinny” and at UFIT, they are singlehandedly straining a new wave of women who are focused more on being and feeling healthy and fit instead of obsessing over their dress size. So, take that first step to prep for your wedding. Get the encouragement and motivation you need...UFIT Personal Training. is a place where brides-to-be come to de-stress from all the planning just and focus on themselves!

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