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Brighten Your Smile

Want to improve your smile before the big day?

It is coming quickly...the big day! You want to make sure that each detail is perfect -- the dress, the flowers, the pictures—so your day will be timeless! You also want to make sure that your smile is captured at its best.

How can you make your smile perfect for the big day? You want to start with making sure it is healthy. Dental decay can appear dark and gum disease can appear as red and puffy gums. A dental checkup can allow you to know that there is no decay or gum disease that can tarnish a beautiful smile.

Want to make sure you have the prettiest pearly whites for your pictures? There are a few options.

Over the counter whitening toothpastes and strips are typically peroxide based. When used these can remove some surface stains to slightly brighten your smile. Beware of products that are not approved by the American Dental Association, as they can lead to damage of the enamel of the teeth.

If you would like professional whitening to take care of surface stains as well as deeper staining to get to your whitest smile, Murfreesboro Family Dentistry can help. Professional whitening procedures can remove not only surface, or extrinsic, staining, but also deeper, or intrinsic, stains while preventing much of the sensitivity associated with over the counter products. We have two main types of whitening, in office and take home.

Professional at home whitening consists of having custom made trays with a whitening solution. The whitening solution consists of carbamyl peroxide to whiten and potassium nitrate to help combat sensitivity. Carbamyl peroxide is a material that takes care of the deep, or intrinsic, stains that over the counter solutions cannot whiten. Varying concentrations of carbamyl peroxide can be used to help with reducing sensitivity. Whitening trays are worn anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight daily, for up to 6 weeks or until you are pleased with the whitening results.

Our in office whitening allows quick results to get a brighter smile. An appointment generally lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. A protective coating is placed to protect your gums, and a very strong solution of hydrogen peroxide is placed on your teeth in up to 3 20 minute sessions. You will see immediate results with each application. At the end of the appointment you will be given custom made home trays with whitening gel to continue your whitening.

Professional whitening is completely safe and not harmful to your teeth. It does not harm any fillings or dental work, but will also not whitening any existing dental work. The biggest side effect of any whitening is sensitivity, but this will subside after the whitening procedure is completed.

We would love to help you perfect your smile before your big day!

Please call 615-904-1700 to schedule with Dr. Elizabeth Jackson today.

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