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Budget Friendly Ways to Wow Your Guests!

Sometimes, it's the little things that make the biggest impact. And when it comes to your wedding day this statement couldn't be truer. You don't have to spend a fortune on extra details for your ceremony and reception in order to impress your guests. Here are six of our favorite wedding ideas to blow your guests' minds and not your wedding budget.

We're sure you already know that planning a wedding can get expensive, so the last thing you need to do is exceed your planned budget with all your reception details and wedding upgrades that your guests may not even notice. Instead, spend wisely on wow-factor wedding ideas that aren't budget-breakers. Trust us, they exist! By adding slight changes to your reception like a lovely wash of uplighting and carefully planned wedding decor can drastically upgrade the look and feel of your wedding. And even small details, like fresh garnishes on those signature cocktails, can truly make your day more memorable.

Here are six striking wedding ideas that will impress your guests and won't cost a fortune.

Mood Lighting

Colorful candles for your tables save you money on flowers and add the romantic feel of a candlelight reception. We prefer a variety of heights and sizes for added drama, but these are also a beautiful accent to a greenery garland.

Late-Night Eats

Late-night snacks are a crowd pleaser like nothing we have ever seen! When stomachs start grumbling after two hours of tearing up the dance floor, a surprise snack attack delivered via a snack station or a local food truck acts as fuel to keep the party going. Guests just eat it up!! (Not to mention, its a super cute photo op for you and your love.)

Statement Chairs

It's easy to overlook what's under you, but chic seats make a major impact. They're one of the first things eyes focus on in a room and they will be in ALL your reception photos. Why not spruce up your tables with some snazzy seating?!

Decorative Paper Straws

A must-have for any eco-friendly bride! Paper straws that complement your wedding theme or colors look absolutely smashing in a mixed drink, signature cocktail, or cute end of the evening snack of donuts and milk. You can buy a bunch of these super cute straws in bulk for a very low cost on sites like Etsy. Plus, you'll be giving some love to the environment by bypassing plastic. And speaking of plastic, skip those disposable clear cake plates and consider the alternative of the more elegant bamboo ones to serve your desserts on if you aren't planning to rent plates.

Throw Pillows

Jazz up your lounge areas and make guests feel right at home with some chic and cozy throw pillows. Already own some? Great! If not, chose inexpensive throw pillows from a houseware store, thrift shops, or even online then simply repurpose them later on in your home after the big day. (We're all for wedding ideas and decor you can recycle afterward!)

Fresh Garnishes

Consult your caterer and bartender on this one. Fabulous fresh garnishes on your guests plates and drinks can really amp up the wow factor and elevate your cocktail hour or plated meal. As much as we believe that taste trumps anything on the plate or in your glass, we eat with our eyes first, so we are all for gorgeous garnishes!

If you have some fun cost-saving ideas please be sure to share them with us! We are always eager to hear what worked well for you.

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