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Carnation Crush

Carnations are often overlooked, however, these frilly flowers may have a dull reputation, but we believe we can change your mind about these fabulous fillers because even an every day flower looks awesome when massed together with itself.

Groups of vases of differing heights or on a plate or tray to unite them visually on your tables creates a stunning and elegant look.

For years, carnations have been treated like nondescript filler flowers to make their more expensive counterparts look good. The truth is, there is no other flower that has the ruffle and texture of a carnation. It simply draws you in.

Why does this ubiquitous and unassuming flower get a bad wrap? Most people only see carnations mixed into arrangements. They are never given a proper opportunity to appreciate just how cool this flower really is. With over 250 varieties, you can really show off their ruffly texture and gorgeous and wide array of colors.

Choose to either have quite a few compacted together in a tight palatte for maximum impact or when mixing them into an arrangement or bouquet be sure to have your florist select costars that compliment rather than contrast with the humble flower, cultivated since ancient times.

By using carnations, your show stopping arrangements can be deceptively inexpensive when you use 75% carnations mixing in other accent flowers. This makes your wedding budget smile leaving additional wiggle room for other more expensive items on your list.

Mini carnations, otherwise known as sprays, paired with big bright frilly white carnations and creamy putumayo carnations play beautifully with more costly ranunculus and garden roses.

If you are a DIY bride who insists on having friends and family assist with creating arrangements, those with carnations, when kept cool, will remain fresh looking for quite some time when you strip the greenery that falls below the waterline. For all their star potential, they are really quite low maintenance. Be sure to always add a drop of bleach to the water for that extra staying power allowing them to last for up to two to three weeks. Additionally, if you crumple chicken wire into your vase it makes a beautiful framework for holding up your stellar stems.

The best part is that carnations are easy to find in florist shops, at wholesalers, or even at the grocery store and many will pre-order your blossoms for you if you decide to DIY. Unusual varieties can be special ordered though a florist, so if you want a special color and style be sure to ask for it by the variety name. Carnations are in the dianthus genus along with sweet William and cottage pinks.

Carnations do not naturally produce blue pigment. It is pretty much the only color you cannot get naturally. However, growers have hybridized purple and lavender tints. Bright blue carnations are available, but they must be dyed and might color the water, so if you are using blue, be sure you choose an opaque vase.

And finally, a little bit of carnation trivia…they are often referred to as “clove pinks” due to their subtle clove scent. It is not too much to over power a wedding, but if you get your nose right up into one of those beautiful blossoms you can certainly smell it.



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