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Carrie + Guy / East Ivy Mansion / Nashville, Tennessee

Bride and Groom Nashville

Carrie and Guy, who had never been to Nashville before their wedding day, flew in with their closest friends and family from Seattle, Washington, for an intimate elopement at the lovely East Ivy Mansion. These two are so crazy about each other they gave us all the feels!

Bride and Groom Nashville

Even the light drizzle and steamy southern summer that followed couldn't put a damper on the joy we felt coming from Carrie, Guy and their guests. Having been together for over a decade everyone was just so delighted that they decided to tie the knot!

Bride and Groom Chandelier

Carrie's childhood bestie, who also happens to be an ordained minister officiated a very personalized ceremony. Her words were so touching and the stories of the couple she told, so descriptive, that she had us all laughing, crying and celebrating with much joy once they were pronounced, at long last, husband and wife.

Bride and Groom blush wedding

As we got to know Carrie and Guy while planning every aspect of their romantic destination wedding, we quickly came to learn that while they love that classic vintage wedding style, they also like to buck the trend and always have dessert first! Good thing we had this gorgeous gold tone cake by Courtney's Sweet Confections ready to WOW their tastebuds!

Gold wedding cake
bride and groom cut cake

Wildflowers, LLC adorned everything from the ceremony aisle to the delicious cake with roses, peonies and greenery creating the most romantic vintage feel for this wonderful couple. Softening the dark wood and crystal of East Ivy with pale pinks, soft lavenders, ivory in all shades complimented by pops of peach fragranced the air all around.

blush bouquet
Bride East Ivy Mansion

Following the wedding ceremony, Carrie and Guy, who were first time visitors to Nashville, wanted a true downtown experience. We set their intimate reception at the Hard Rock Cafe right on Broadway where Nashvillians at neighboring rooftop venues cheered every time they saw Carrie and Guy kiss. It was as if the entire city was celebrating their union!

Bride and Groom Hard Rock Cafe
First Dance

We specifically selected Button Bug Photography to capture every moment of this fun filled summer evening. Even though there were only fifteen attendees for their romantic destination wedding, Button Bug's team was so stealthy that Carrie, Guy and their guests were able to just enjoy the evening as they preserved all the memories of their visit to Music City.

Nashville after dark

At the end of the evening, while watching the Cumberland River lazily flow by, we overheard Carrie tell Guy that this was everything that she ever dreamed it could be...and he agreed.

They filled our hearts with such love, we were sad to see them go back to Seattle. We hope someday they will return to Nashville...perhaps for a vow renewal?!

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