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Cascading Bouquets: The Trend That’s Back in a BIG Way

It was a time when everything was big — big sleeves, big hair, big veils...big 80's. It was a decade whose trends are often best left in the past, however, it introduced one trend that we are more than happy to make an exception for...stunning cascading bouquets.

We simply love those long, luscious, decadent floral arrangements and we are thrilled that they are making a comeback. It’s easy to see why. They achieve a look of effortless beauty, from chic elegance to bohemian wild. They can be as large and lush as you want or feature a few delicate trailing vines for a subtle effect.

Rich, jewel-toned blooms in plum and fuchsia carry an air of vibrant sophistication and elegance creating a true statement for your walk down the aisle.

Nothing says romance like a cascading bouquet like these trail of pretty of florals. Everything from coral garden roses, pink peonies, soft orange and pale coral dahlias, tuberose, and ranunculus, eucalyptus, fern and olive branches combine for punches of color and flowing elegance.

These sweet bouquets are overflowing with springtime flair and romance, boasting classic wedding florals such as roses, cala lilies, garden roses, ranunculus and some spindly greens.

These rich bouquets keeps it simple with gorgeous lush greenery and soft pops of white florals. We love how the organic style takes its inspiration from nature’s natural hues.

These delicate yet exotic looking bouquets carry hints of bohemian style, featuring 60s-inspired florals and modern classics creating a whole new beautiful style.

Vivid pinks and sage greens are so fabulous for summertime. We love this lazy, organic cascading look with a waterfall of flora.

This sunny bouquet popping with yellow sunflowers and haphazard greenery is charming and cheerful.

A marsala color palette lends this moody bouquet a feminine autumn vibe, while cascading greenery accented by berries brings a unique touch.

Whimsical meets ethereal in a whispy bouquet of succulents, minimal flora and greenery.

A gathering of husky pastel blooms and greens has a relaxed elegance.

Bright and gorgeous, these bouquets boast a bounty of pink and yellow flowers as the centerpiece, accented by delicate vines or colorful twigs for a unique look.

Stark white blooms make a chic and classy statement, surrounded by cascading botanicals for a subtle burst of color.

Magenta hibiscus, purple orchids and a sunset full of roses create a decadent bouquet with a tropical feel, while the wispy palm fronds enhance the cascading effect.

This woodland inspired bouquet has a sultry glamorous vibe thanks to the wispy greenery, star shaped blooms, and an rich decadent orchids and gardenias.

Crimson, hints of periwinkle, and blush blooms against a falling cascade of stark white orchids create an unexpected, but stunning color palette.

These lovely horizontal bouquets in a range of watercolor hues feature the dreamiest combinations of fresh florals, perfect for a springtime wedding.

A lone cascading vine of ivy makes an elegant statement in this earthy bouquet of deep plum hues and rustic bursts of yellow.

Take fall florals for a spin in a romantic bouquet abundant with blooms, looking like it came straight from a fairytale garden pairing traditional bridal blooms with fragrant wildflowers.

Protea, seeded eucalyptus and silver dollars are the star of this ethereal bouquet, where blush pink, cream, and greenery combine for winter, muted hues under a desert spell.

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