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Cash Wedding Registry Options

We all love those hand blenders, spatulas and gorgeous cake platters, however, as you unwrap the eleventh candy dish you've received from another great aunt, you can't help but wish there was a way to get the one thing you were really hoping for...cash.

Wedding registries are a $19 billion industry. I'm sure you're thinking...if only some of that was going into my bank account. Thankfully there are now several ways to register for cash gifts.

We've got 11 different options for you to ask for cash without sounding tacky. Call it a honeymoon fund, a home-building account, or unapologetically call it nothing...just provide the link to your family and friends.

1. My Registry: This handy website allows you to collect all your store registries into one location, but also offers a cash option for your guests. You can opt to share your registries from other stores, or you can select to only share the cash option with your guests.

2. HoneyFund: You can set up an account and explain to family and friends what you'll be spending your money on. This system allows for people to send cash directly, or to use Paypal.

3. Deposit A Gift: Create a personal website where you can keep guests in the loop of all your wedding details. Deposit A Gift also provides the option for a cash registry. On the cash registry, you can share a note with your visitors, explaining how you'll you'll put their generous gifts to good use.

4. NewlyWish: This platform makes it easy to pull items from all sorts of stores and boutiques for your registry, as well as request monetary gifts. The site requires you to explain to guests what you will spend the money on, so we encourage you to provide full details, like "saving up for a new home" or "baby fund." Just be aware, the charge a 2.70% credit card processing fee that is deducted from your cash gift.

5. Our Wishing Well: You can choose gift options through Our Wishing Well such as a honeymoon, luggage sets, home entertainment system...and guests can contribute however much they'd like to each fund. This site charges a 1% convenience fee, but you can transfer the financial gifts directly to your bank account from the site.

6. Zank You: This site is super popular in Europe. It is a cash registry that works through the website as well as the handy an app, so your can send gifts even while while they are Instagramming all through your ceremony.

7. Wedding Republic: Wedding Republic specializes in cash registries, and also offers a "puzzle-piece" feature where people can join together to chip in towards one larger joint financial gift. Plus, guests can send a card with with gifts.

8. Upon Our Stars: Here, you can register for cash gifts with a more whimsical approach. Create a "wish list"...set up wish funds for a new apartment, a dream trip to Hawaii, or even new furniture for the home you're closing in just before your wedding. Friends and family can contribute towards that goal. We also love that they can also send wishes of their own with their gifts.

9. SimpleRegistry: This site allows you to register for all different types of gifts and experiences, but the best part is that all of the options are cash refundable. So, if you're still feeling queasy about asking for money, register for gifts and swap them through the website. Just don't invite anyone over who would expect to see those cool kitchen gadgets they bought for you.

10. Merci Registry: If you prefer the conventional way of receiving monetary gifts, and are skeptical of random sites having access to your bank account, Merci Registry sets up a cash registry through Pay Pal. The service includes the Pay Pal cut, which is 2.9%, however, the site promises no hidden fees, which not all of its competitors can claim.

11. Tendr This is a no-frills way to receive cash gifts for your wedding. They simply do not offer an option for physical gifts. Guests sharing generous cash gifts can choose from some 12 different e-cards for a more personalized feel and you can send thank you cards directly from your registry. Just note, there is a 2.7% fee on credit cards, plus a dollar convenience fee.

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