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Choosing The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Stressing about finding the perfect bridal bouquet that matches both your personality and wedding theme? Don’t freak out! Here at Weddings & Events by Raina, we completely understand that it can be overwhelming sifting through multiple websites and Pinterest images trying to find the perfect match for you and your wedding dress style. This is why we did all the sifting for you! We have a carefully curated list of the most popular bouquet designs featuring multiple color palettes to help you decide which bouquet is your perfect match. We also added in some key words to help you describe your desired bouquet style to your florist.

The Purist

The Purist style is perfect for the bride looking for something that’s simple, yet elegant. A bouquet like this is perfect for a more simplistic, streamlined style of gown. With the rounded shape and subtle hints of greenery, this bouquet trend, often features only one or two types of flowers in a monochromatic palate. It is lavish without being opulent adding the perfect finishing touches to an overall classic look.

Key words to mention to your florist would be: Nosegay, monochromatic, classic romance

Wild Child

We all know that one wild child who tries to push all the limits! That’s exactly what the Wild Child bouquet does. With a mixture of several types of flowers, textures, AND a few types of greens and grasses, this bouquet which often cascades not only in the traditional vertical style, but often also flowing in a horizontal direction, as best shown by the stunning yellow bouquet above. This luxurious bouquet is the perfect accent for the bride looking for romance but also want to to show a little bit of her wild side as well.

Key words to mention to your florist would be: Cascading, overflowing, pageantry, multi tone, bright colors, jewel tones

Drama Queen

Alright, a little confession. We are a little obsessed with the Drama Queen flower bouquets which is why we couldn't just pick six to show off to you. This style is definitely the perfect match for a bride looking to steal the show! The sumptuous Drama Queen bouquet consists of several types of flowers, greenery, textures, berries, ribbons, unusual flowers like straw flower, protea, succulents and a whole burst of color to finish it off.

Key words to mention to your florist would be: Cascade, texture, overflowing, multi tone, large flowers, premium flowers, assorted greenery

Simply Green

The Simply Green bouquet is perfect for brides looking for a simplistic style with an optional hint of bridal white or ivory. This bouquet is most often made up of ONLY greenery giving off a lush, elegant vibe. Some brides opt to add a few premium white flowers to accent the greenery. Its a very bold, luxuriant choice; perfect for woodland themed weddings or elegant winter weddings!

Key words to mention to your florist would be: Greenery, cascade, overflow, elegant, outdoorsy, hint of color

We hope this bouquet guide has taken a little stress off your plate. Don't our brides have the most exquisite tastes? We hope you loved looking at all their bouquets as much as we helped them in sourcing just the right style, florals, botanicals, and florists for their optimal design. And don't forget, ff you're looking to say YES to less stress, please reach out. We would love to assist you with all your planning needs.

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