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Coffee Bar at your Wedding? Start with a Coffee Subscription!

Coffee bars at weddings are on the rise and we're not mad about it! However, you want to ensure that you serve your guests a blend as perfect as the two of you. The best way to determine this is by consulting with our friends at TRADE. Not only do they offer over 400 specialty coffees from the best roasters in the nation, the coffee you order will only be roasted after you place your order to absolutely guarantee freshness! So whether you take it whole or ground, decaf or full throttle, your top-rated coffee is guaranteed a winner.

We mentioned that TRADE partners with the best roasters and we weren't kidding! All 50 of their US partners are featured on their site bringing you unprecedented access to the freshest coffee available. Meet the Rock Star Roasters here: https://www.drinktrade.com/roasters

Our friends at TRADE say that the best way to choose a roaster is by taste testing a variety of coffees. This way you are assured to find someone that perfectly aligns with your personal preferences. Some roasters favor the higher end of the roasting spectrum whereas others are more versatile and roast a range from dark to light. Other roasters might have an origin story that you truly connect with. With so many to choose from, there is definitely one that is perfect for you!

The Rock Star Roasters are hands down the 50 best in the country. They not only roast each coffee to perfection, but they are also dedicated to the farmers who grow the coffee they use. This ensures that they receive quality wages for their product. All roasters who work with TRADE have signed a Trade Roaster Pledge, asserting that they are diligent in their sourcing, purchasing through compassionate importers, roasting the coffees with the care and devotion that went into growing them and treating their teams with respect. This is quality though and through that you can believe in and taste!

And this is the wedding gift that keeps on giving. Once you place your order, you can sign up for a Coffee Subscription to keep that goodness coming! Every morning sip will transport you back to your best day ever when you said I Do to your love. Whether you are always on the hunt for exciting and new specialty coffee varieties or you're a casual coffee drinker just looking for reliably great roasts they have the perfect customizable subscription for you.

Okay, we fully admit that we are biased, but coffee really does make the world go ‘round. Whether you get this delicious beverage at your local café or through an amazing coffee subscription where each is handpicked and specifically roasted to your preferences, it's part of your everyday routine. So why not share that coziness on the biggest day of your lives with all those you love?! And don’t worry, TRADE isn’t biased when it comes to being hot or cold with grinds for cold brew, French press, percolator, espresso, and many other options available when you order.

Our favorite coffee bar aficionado for every event is Concoctions. They can make your drink your way for the season...hot, cold or even spiked! They will create a gorgeous and delicious concoction to delight your guests! And let's be honest, weddings are more and more specific to the bride and groom. Gone are the days of one-size fits all, and we LOVE IT! People are making their weddings reflect more of who they are as a couple and what they enjoy together like that amazing brew or a creative cuppa joe. Providing guests with an array of specialty crafted espresso drinks that folks will sip with delight is Concoctions and TRADE's specialty! They are truly the perfect blend for your big day!

Now, another great reason to have a coffee bar featuring TRADE's coffee and delicious drinks from Concoctions, is because you might not be serving alcohol, or you might not be big drinkers. This gives you and your guests another unique option. The open bar has been a wedding day staple for years, offering an array of cocktails, wine, or beer. While many imbibe, some guests may prefer something rich like a tasty coffee after eating dinner and how wonderful would it be to offer them something that pairs perfectly to those carefully selected cake flavors you're about to serve them?!

And the very best benefit of all?? The caffeine kick is guaranteed to get everyone out on the dance floor! You won’t have to worry about anyone dealing with those foolish food coma feelings while the electric slide is playing. They’ll be having the time of their lives and feeling great while boogying the night away!

And because we know you're curious, we started off our subscription with espresso from Klatch coffee roasters out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They appealed to us because we loved the name. After all, a klatch is a social gathering, especially for coffee and conversation...sounds like a party to us!! Then, of course we completely fell in love with its a bold dark roastiness. This expresso is a wonderful semi-sweet, zesty, full-bodies brew. It's absolutely delightful hot or iced. We've enjoyed it as the traditional espresso it is as well as topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We were tempted to order more of the same, but with so many amazing options we just may ask the coffee masters over at TRADE for their suggestions on what to drink next.

Start enjoying TRADE coffee today: https://www.drinktrade.com/subscribe

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