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Corona Virus Wedding Cancellation

Unless your wedding is taking place in the fall or later, chances are good that you will be adversely affected by COVID-19, otherwise known as the Corona Virus.

This nasty bug has made its way from China, quickly spreading world wide, to the point where it feels as if we are facing a full zombie apocalypse. That said, we are not dispensing medical advice and we certainly do not intend to be insensitive to those who have lost loved ones to this disease.

Shall we address the elephant at the wedding? That ever present question that's been on everyone's minds...will this affect my wedding?

Yes. Most assuredly.

Your wedding is likely to see a reduced guest count, and certainly quite a few delayed RSVPs as your guests carefully assess the situation. If your RSVP date is within the next month, consider giving them a grace period before calling, texting and emailing to get them to commit...that is, of course, unless your caterer is requesting your final head counts.

The brides and grooms that really need to worry are the ones who's wedding day are coming up in the next month. COVID-19 has a fairly high transmission rate. It is about the same as the flu, and in Tennessee we are still reeling from that virus as well. People seem to be finally grasping the concept of excessively washing their hands and covering their mouth when they cough. That said, some cities and states with higher counts of positively diagnosed Corona Virus victims are urging people to reconsider having large groups of people coming together. So what to do about it?

Consider the option, if possible, of rescheduling.

If your venue and vendors have flexible rescheduling policies you may want to consider this option. Most vendors will work with you on this. Most vendors we work with will bend over backwards to try and make your new date work, or find someone that can.

PLEASE NOTE: We have yet to find a wedding insurance plan that covers pandemics, so if you are planning to cancel, check your policy and try to find a reason that is not COVID-19.

Option two...forge ahead.

Likely you've been planning your wedding for over a year now and you're ready to party! We completely understand this. A few recommendations we would have if this is the route you choose to take, take care of yourself. This may seem obvious, but aside from copious hand washing and not touching your face, be sure to start taking zinc supplements daily, drink lots of water and hot tea and consider distancing yourselves socially. Telecommute if you can. Order your groceries and other items online. Avoid any places with crowds. And most importantly, make sure you're getting enough sleep. If there is something that you simply must take care of or aquire for your wedding, ask a friend to help with these public wedding errands. After all, you don't want to take any chances that you might get even a cold before your wedding day.

Be sure to check on your venue to make sure that they have a good rating from the local Health Department on cleanliness. Perhaps even ask your wedding planner if you could do your final walk through via FaceTime...truth be told, we would highly recommend doing all your vendor meetings from here on out by phone or teleconference to minimize in person contact. After all, your vendors are exposed to countless people every single weekend.

And finally, check on anything coming from China. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, anything and everything from your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, bridal party gifts, decor, or any physical products that might have been manufactured there. As you may know, the virus can live on hard surfaces such as plastics and cardboard for three days, so keep washing those hands and disinfecting anything you bring into your home.

COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus is fluid. It's so new that it's tricky to fully determine all the information. Each day it seems the things we know about it are constantly changing. As of this posting, the incubation period is up to 5 days which gives those who are infected plenty of time to unknowingly come into contact with others. Thankfully, it seems to be sparing children, but they can be the worst carriers as they touch everything, more often than not, without washing their hands as much as they should be. Unfortunately, the elderly and immunosuppressed are the ones most severely affected. If you have plans to see someone within that demographic, be sure to check your temperature before leaving the house. If you have even the slightest suspicion that you've been exposed, stay home and call your physician.

Sadly, there's no predicting the future and we must simply get through this together. Please take precautions for taking care of yourselves. Stay safe and be well.

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