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COVID-19...also known as the Uninvited Wedding Guest.

There is simply no way that anyone could have planned ahead for a world wide pandemic the likes of what we are currently facing. No one wants to cancel, so the best defense is preparation. Here are steps you can take to assure that you and your guests are prepared to celebrate safely.

Provide sanitizing stations through out your venue for your guests to utilize. We recommend placing these in such places as the bar, the bathrooms and even on the buffet if you choose to have one. Even go the extra mile and see if your caterer is able to provide Sani-Wipes to put at each place setting so guests can easily wash their hands before eating.

If you are serving a buffet, go with the "served buffet" option. This not only limits the number of hands touching serving tools, professional caterers will have gloved hand which will further serve to protect the health and safety of your guests. Additional benefits of a served buffet are that it really provides a more elegant and pampered feel for your guests...and at times like this who couldn't use a little extra pampering?

Posts signs at your ceremony and reception entry instituting a "Social Distancing" rule. By limiting any unnecessary touching we can also limit any potential spreading of the virus. This should include hugs, handshakes and dance moves that requires and holding. We also suggest that you eliminate that time old tradition of the receiving line for the safety of all assembled.

Most importantly, if guests are showing symptoms of COVID-19 ask them to stay home. We are quite sure that a healthy guest would more than happily volunteer to FaceTime them during the ceremony so they won't miss out.

Number one on your list is keeping your wedding guests healthy, especially elderly relatives and guests with immunocompromised immune systems. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), states that the primary way coronavirus is spread is through respiratory droplets, which are formed when someone coughs or sneezes. Since these droplets are the main reason infections spread quickly, the CDC recommends avoiding close contact during the crisis. That said, don't be upset if those guests opt to stay home for safety's sake. Once again, we are always happy to Facebook Live your event so they don't miss out!

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