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Creativity In Balloons

We are just loving all of the fun wedding and party trends as of late, but our favorite has to be balloon sculpture and installations. Creativity In Balloons always creates a beautiful scene around these trends and it's oh so fun!

We sat down with Crystal, the Queen of Pop, to discuss the art of balloons. Decked out, as a proper queen should be in her balloon animal shoes and sparkly balloon jewelry, we asked how she acquired her royal title and crown. "I was born into it, like all royals, however, I officially took up the balloon scepter full time this year,"she told us.

She began learning at the foot of the master, her father, as early as she can remember. Her father, John, is an experienced twister. He has been creating hats and balloon animals, modeling them into any shape you can imagine to the delight of many for decades.​​

When asked, Crystal confided in us that she plans to push the boundaries of her comfort zone by training as a twister as well. One thing we certainly admire about her as a leading industry professional is that she is constantly studying to stay on top of the trends, attending classes and tutorials as she works her way towards certification. As a certified balloon decorator we can only imagine what she will wow us with next!​​


We loved to learn that Crystal has plans to eventually compete within her profession as a way to educate and bring local awareness of all that balloons can do and express. They really aren't just for children's parties any more.

One her favorite things about balloons, and we tend to agree, is that they know no age limit. People of all ages and walks of life can instantly be brought joy simply by giving them a balloon. Creativity In Balloons then takes that simple concept even farther creating sculptures and installations that when done correctly can be enjoyed by many for upwards of a month in proper indoor conditions.

Some of her creations, however, aren't designed to last. When inquired about her most unusual balloon request, we learned about a gender reveal party where she was contracted to create a replica of the expectant mother to be. Both parents would then pop the belly to see what color confetti lay inside. Click here to see a cute video of the reveal.

Crystal told us that her favorite thing is when a client allows for a certain bit of creative license. When they trust her and just let her imagination go wild, while keeping within the parameters of their original concept and event colors, amazing things can happen!

We love to work with Creativity In Balloons because we know that their balloon artists, especially Crystal, are never satisfied. They are always proud of their work, but also constantly striving to improve their skills, going bigger, better and more unique than before. Even despite the helium shortage we are now facing, they seem to find a vast array of exceptional and extraordinary ways to display their art form.

Knowing that the other industry professionals that Crystal admires most are always the ones who are willing to collaborate and advise rather than compete, we wondered who she would totally fan girl over. We love that she embraces the thinking that every day is a learning experience and that we all have something we can teach one another to expand out skill set but we really wanted to know who she's love to meet and interrogate...in a friendly way, of course. "The Balloon Designers out in Seattle, Washington," she confided. "They are absolutely incredible! So much talent and passion for their art." This made us laugh, of course, because if someone questioned us, we would say the exact same thing about HER!

As we wrapped up out chat, knowing that she and Steven, the King of Pop, eloped, we just had to ask...if they chose to have a big wedding would she have incorporated balloons into her decor? "Absolutely!!" Everything from my tablescapes to the bouquet." she insisted. "I most likely would have used shimmery pearl sapphire blue balloons and pearl magenta chrome balloons since they are my favorites." Sounds gorgeous to us, too!

One of our favorite ways to accent a wedding is with modern touches of with balloons and florals. It creates an absolutely beautiful feel to your wedding's decor. When paired together they add a stunning warmth and contrast, something guaranteed to make your event memorable. We especially love them because they blend amazingly well with virtually any type of flower or color palette. Balloons truly adds an unexpected and totally cool addition to your décor. No matter what you choose, by adding a touch of sparkle, metallic, florals and especially balloons it brings more romantic and whimsical feel to your wedding day.

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