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Debunking 9 Common Wedding Cost Saving Myths


Things cost more because they have the word "Wedding" in them.

While it may seem this way when looking at things from a non-industry perspective, I can honestly tell you it’s not because the word “wedding” is involved. I would be lying if I didn't admit that in some cases there is a different price tag associated with something for a “party” versus a “wedding.” You see, weddings are *different* than parties. A party has the opportunity to happen more than once where as a wedding presumably does not. As a result, you and your vendors put more of an emphasis on your wedding day. We all want it to be amazing, memorable and perfect. This is why more money is spent on a wedding than to celebrate a milestone birthday with a big party...unless of course, it’s the norm for you to have extravagant birthday parties. This is the main reason why things have a varying cost. A product or service associated with a wedding, typically, is far more demanding than that of a simple party. A wedding requires far more emails phone calls, texts, in-person meetings and planning. There are simply more logistics involved. It. Is. Different. And I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of upset couples out there if they weren’t receiving the level of service and additional communication that has come to be expected with planning an event of this magnitude. A wedding requires a higher level of service, and as a result, may come with a higher price tag.

Now sure, there are people who don’t change their level of service, yet still increase their prices just because the word wedding is in them. But this is NOT the norm. To avoid running into this issue, be sure to ask specifically what is included for the price you’re paying if a detailed package listing is not readily offered.


It's cheaper to have your wedding on any day other than Saturday.

For the most part, this is totally incorrect. These days, especially in our new pandemic world, it has become fairly common for weddings to take place on a Friday or Sunday...even some weekdays. Now a weekday pricing, that’s a different story. This myth does have different aspects though.

Your wedding vendors will work just as hard if your wedding is on a Friday, Sunday or even a weekday. They’re not going to put in less hours of work just because it’s not a Saturday. Besides, do you really want your vendors to half-ass it on your wedding day? Some vendors who aren’t already booked fully for that weekend may offer a discount, but don’t expect to automatically get cheaper prices if your wedding is on a day other than Saturday. If you are military or a first responder, however, its worth asking about discounts. While they aren't often advertised or readily offered, many vendors do extend this courtesy as a sign of appreciation.

Venues are an entirely different story. Some venues offer food & beverage services and some do not. So right here we have a difference that determines pricing. Some venues may offer a discounted rate for days other than Saturday or even off season dates, however, this is going to be more likely when the venue is not offering food or beverage - just the rental of the space. Its always best to inquire about seasonal pricing as well as weekday versus weekend pricing to be sure you are fully informed.


Doing it all yourself will save money. (Having friends and family help.)

DIY can, of course, pertain to several different aspects of a wedding. Most of the time, for the retail price of buying something, you can just as easily pay a professional to do it for you...whether it’s buying wholesale or you renting it from them. It’s funny how many people who are DIYing their wedding always end up spending more money than they originally thought that they would. It just doesn’t look like it at first because it’s in small increments here and there. Trust me, I’ve over-purchased for plenty of DIY projects myself. (If you want to DIY to include friends and family in your wedding, DIY things that can easily be DIY’d and definitely know exactly how much of everything you need!) If you stick to the pros for things, chances are really good that you’ll end up saving your money and it will look much better in the end. After all, we do this every weekend all year long...we've got the tricks of the trade on our side and promise you it will be stress free on you and look amazing for your guests.


Haggle, Barter or Low-Ball with vendors to get a better price.

I have no idea where this crazy idea started, but it needs to stop!!

Haggling with vendors on their prices is crazy. They’ve set their prices because that’s what they need to do the work that they do. Trust me, no one in the wedding industry is doing it to get rich. It's entirely for the love of weddings. Now, as for bartering, now this depends on what you’re bartering with. The things that I’ve heard so far, however, haven’t been ideal for wedding vendors. If you have a business that you can barter with that they can truly get a benefit from, then by all means I’m sure someone will bite. However, if you’re trying to barter with something that a vendor really can’t benefit from, then that’s a big fat no. And finally, we have low-balling vendors on their prices. I’ve heard of this happening a lot lately too. I get it. we are all struggling. 2020 has truly impacted all of us, however, saying that you really can only afford the bare minimum but then asking a vendor to provide more and trying to make them feel guilty? Yikes. Not cool. In a nutshell: Don’t try to mess with vendor pricing. It is what it is, and it’s usually already at the lowest point it can be because like I said, people in the wedding industry aren’t doing it to make a fortune. We’re doing it because we love weddings!


Buffets are cheaper than plated dinners.

I’m not experienced in catering/food in any way other than I loooove to eat, but I do know this: buffets sometimes require MORE food than plated meals do, and so they can end up being more expensive, depending on the number of guests you have and types of food being served. Buffets are an option that can entail less serving staff, so they are less expensive in that manner, however, this is entirely dependent on how many guests you have! 


Cocktail style receptions are less expensive because you need "less food."

Yep. Another food-related one. Yes, cocktail receptions aren't a full-out meal. However, you will need to have a lot more appetizers and small bites, which could add up to just as much food as if you were having meals served. And since it’s “cocktail-style,” guests are definitely going to be drinking more. Cocktail-style receptions do require serving staff like sit down dinners to pass hors d'oeuvres, replenish stations and buss all those glasses, napkins and small plates being left around, so you will still be paying for the service. And again, this comes back around being dependent on how many guests you have! 


I have a friend/family member that can do ____, so we don't need to hire a professional vendor for that.

Of course! Everyone always knows someone who can do photography, planning, DJ, food, a wedding cake etc. However, in the end it always turns out that they forget that they still really want to be guests as well and end up either slacking on what they’re supposed to be doing or backing out at the last minute altogether, leaving you to have to pay someone who might not have been your first choice to begin with. Trust me. Weddings & Events by Raina has been doing weddings for over 20 years now. Just tell the friend/family members that are so eager to assist that you want them to enjoy the wedding. Neither you or them will regret it.


My Mom (or Aunt/friend) is going to do my flowers in silk to save money.

Quality silk flowers cost WAY more than you would ever anticipate! And no matter what, they always LOOK silk. It doesn't matter how good you are at arranging flowers, those plastic “veins” are a dead giveaway. Bottom line for this one- silk flowers are NOT going to save you money.


Destination weddings cost less.

Usually not, but it depends. If it’s just you and your fiancee eloping with a company that specializes in such things like Elope In Tennessee, then yes, it’s going to be less than a wedding. If you’re inviting family members, there are more events that have to be held and more things that will need to be taken of. You have to consider guest transportation, hotel rooms, a welcome dinner, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding reception, the post-wedding breakfast. Not to mention what it costs for your guests to get there. You see where I am going with this? If you want to do a destination wedding, know that it’s not going to be less than what a wedding would be in your own state or city.

We could go on and on about so many more Wedding Myths, but these are the most common ones we have come up against. Have you heard others you'd like us to debunk for you? Drop them in the comments below! Just remember, these are based on “normal” situations...every wedding is different. One thing that IS the same for all weddings, however, is that everything is almost always dependent on the number of guests you invite and your individual choices. Sadly, there is no way to determine any one perfect situation, but when you hire the planning team at Weddings & Events by Raina we certainly try!


These “myths” were sourced from wedding professionals with extensive experience. These are what they often hear from their clients. The “debunking” of these myths were based on our experiences. There are always different situations that can determine different outcomes for pricing, how things end up, etc. All of this is based on extremely general circumstances. We welcome other opinions and experiences, so please feel free to share your own in the comments.

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