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Delicious Donuts or Groom's Cake?

While groom's cakes might be one of the longest-running wedding traditions in the world lately they seem to be taking a seat to the more decadent donuts that Nashville has to offer. From classic cake varieties to colorful confections filled with cream, fluffy layers piled high with vibrant frosting seem to be popping up with some frequency at modern weddings.

So, if you are saying sayonara to the traditional garish groom's cake and sinking your teeth into something sweet, we can promise you that there is now a place for every donut lover in Nashville. We easily have over a dozen favorites to get our fix.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

McGaugh's Do-Nuts

We love McGaugh’s (formerly Madison’s Shipley outpost), because despite changing hands the quality remains the same. Whether you're a fan of the traditional southern yeast donut or, like us, you are addicted to their cake donuts, they remain deliciously unchanged. While they make a delicious addition to any wedding, we also love to saddle up to the bar to watch the magic happen.

Our favorite: Cinnamon Sugar Donut

East Park Donuts & Coffee

Relatively new to East Nashville, this delicious donut and coffee shop specializes in cake and brioche donuts. Yep. brioche donuts. Like donuts couldn't get any better...and then they did!

Our favorite: Strawberry Cheesecake Donut or Salted Brown Butter Donut

Butcher Town Hall

Offering donut specials that change weekly, guaranteed to make your mouth water, we love to stop in for Saturday or Sunday brunch. These fluffy dough delights come in a variety of unique flavors, but if you call ahead you can place an order for your dessert buffet.

Our favorite: Lemon Lavender Donut or Cherry Limeade Donut

The Donut + Dog

Few things are better than salty/sweet, so when you go taste test donuts for your big day be sure to try the gourmet hot dogs as well. The beautifully decorated brioche donuts at this cute shop rotate daily keeping fans of their unique flavor options on their toes.

Our favorite: The ‘Sweet Baby Jesus—a donut with a triple creme brulee shell and vanilla filling.

Five Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters Bakery truly has a following. Tourists and locals alike have gone bonkers over these highly-Instagrammable 100-layer doughnuts. Its sinfully sweet and like nothing you've ever tasted before!

Our favorite: Blueberry Lemon Donut


Nope, it’s definitely not a traditional doughnut shop, but these decadent glazed brioche donuts simply cannot be ignored. Personally, we thing that they just may be some of the best in town! However, these decadent delights are quite elusive as they’re available only during brunch or by special order.

Our favorite: Glazed Brioche Donut

Shipley Do-Nuts

Shipley Do-Nuts first opened in Houston in 1930 selling a dozen doughnuts for just five cents. Now with over 300 stores throughout the south, this chain is best known for its yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts, filled doughnuts, and kolaches which technically aren't donuts, but they are too delicious to ignore. Shipley Do-Nuts makes it super easy for those who wish to cater with their delightful desserts as you can quite easily order everything online.

Our favorite: Bavarian Creme filled Do-Nut

Fox's Donut Den

Fox’s Donut Den in Green Hills has been the go-to for donuts in Nashville for over 30 years. They offer all the traditional classics with several more modern delights.

Our favorite: Maple Bacon Donut

Conny & Jonny Donuts

You have to track them down like an elusive food truck, but it is well worth the legwork. Conny and Jonny can be found at Crema on Friday through Sunday distributing some of the best scratch made donuts we've ever tried, but go early, as these tend to sell out really quickly! They also distribute their treats to a few select places around town. Dedicated donut seekers can also find them Friday through Sunday at The Loading Dock East, on Saturdays and Sundays at Barista Parlor, Drugstore Coffee, and Tempo.

Our favorite: Raspberry Lemonade Donut


Located at the elegant Thompson hotel’s coffee shop, but call ahead before going over to taste test these delicacies to make sure they are in as they sell quickly. Glazed donuts are available on Mondays and cake donuts are available on Thursdays, however, if its an odd day of the week you truly cannot go wrong with the amazing cream cheese iced cinnamon rolls.

Our favorite: Cereal Donut

Donut Country

For over 40 years, Donut Country, a family-owned and operated donut shop has been serving fresh, handmade donuts. Their amazing team operates 24/7, baking and selling donuts at any and all times of the day or night. A local institution and fixture at most wedding donut bars, Donut Country will happily cater to your sweet or savory side.

Our favorite: Blueberry Cake Donut

Gourmet Donuts

This family-owned, Mount Juliet based donut shop giant cinnamon rolls (and we do mean giant), fritters, and pillowy soft donuts in an eye-catching variety of traditional to vibrantly frosted and sprinkled.

Our favorite: Raspberry Jelly Filled Donut

Donut Palace

Offering both yeast and cake doughnuts as to be expected, however they also serve a rather unique hybrid called the “doughssant” (imagine if a croissant and donut had a baby). They say its not a cronut...personally, we think its even better! We also love their espresso eclairs and lemon twists.

Our favorite: Strawberry & Cream Cheese Donut

Vegan Vee Gluten Free Bakery

Vegans and those who cannot consume gluten don’t have to miss out on the donut deliciousness! Vegan Vee offers delightful options such as a coconut vanilla donut and coconut samoa donuts. They also have creme-filled ‘twinkies’ on the menu which were delightful! Honestly, they are every bit as delicious as their other local donut compatriots.

Our favorite: Snickerdoodle Donut

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