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Dippity Do Dah!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white ... and blue? And pink? And yellow? And orange?!

Yes, you read that correctly.

Gone are the days of the all-white wedding gown. Multicolored, dip-dyed and ombré wedding dresses are the latest trend to emerge on the scene. These options are not only gorgeous, but endless.

For some brides, that picture-perfect traditional white wedding dress is the very definition of “I do” style, however, for others, they choose to throw tradition aside for colorful dresses that reflect their own unique look and carefree spirit. Whether it's a swirl of warm and cool color palettes, monochromatic ombré, their favorite color or even a combination of sorts, brides can now rock their rainbow down the aisle.

While we think both options are pretty special, we are still falling in love with this newest trend to hit the bridal market. From subtly blended hues to the eye-popping dip-dyed wedding dresses, there’s a little something for every bride, in every color of the spectrum. Sure, you still want to wear a white gown if you’re not looking to stray too far from the norm, but this way, you can still add a ton of personality to your gown.

This dip dye wedding dress trend not only gives your formal dress a colorful touch, it also solves one major problem that many brides face. Anyone who has attended a wedding probably saw how dirty the gowns sometimes get from touching the ground. So there's a very practical reason to color the edges.

While you could DIY, companies are starting to do custom orders of the dip-dyed gown. That way, your wedding dress will be even more original. Because who doesn’t want to wear a one-of-a-kind gown on her wedding day, after all?

If you’re questioning how this tie-dye effect will look on a wedding gown, I definitely understand your skepticism. We invite you to feast your eyes upon an array of gradient goodness. These dresses might just inspire the wedding of your dreams.

The soft-pink color in this gown is giving us major ballerina vibes. This ombre style is subtle enough that it balances the dress’s dramatic silhouette and is softened by the tulle for an overall dreamy look.

Tiered Perfection. This wedding dress is as beautiful as it is unique. The form-fitting lace bodice billows out into decadent layers of fabric, building in color as it builds in texture. The overall effect is stunning from top to bottom.

The subtle blend of neutral blues in this bridal masterpiece lends a touch of whimsy to an overall graceful look. This bride looks as elegant as a princess straight from a fairytale, plus a healthy dose of haute couture artistry.

We are totally smitten with this dainty feminine dress. This beautiful gown boasts a delicate silhouette and a subtle ombre fade that is breathtaking. Notice the way the pigment corresponds to the texture of the fabric, giving the impression that where the lace accumulates, so does the color. It’s an artful way to incorporate color into your wedding dress.

This extravagant look is softened by a gradual blend from true white into a soft "something blue." Bonus points for the matching sash and flowers and how they play into the overall look.

Hidden Ombre. This is a gorgeous way to include both the appeal of a traditional white wedding dress and a quirky pop of color. It’s perfect for a complex bride with as many layers as the wedding cake.

Marie Antoinette was the epitome of French decadence and glamour, making her the perfect muse for this wedding gown. The ornate look features a quirky boutique vibe without sacrificing class. We can picture Marie herself frolicking outdoors in an extravagant gown like this.

Dip dye dresses aren't for the bride alone. a little subtle styling take these bridesmaids dresses to another level of fabulousness!! Even flower girls dresses have the sweetest ombre styling when, dyed to match the bride's dress.

This beautiful classic white dress would have been lovely all on its own, but dip dying it to make the season this autumn bride is really going to make a statement!

Slow and Steady wins the race! The lining of this dress was dip dyed first and then, wanting it a but more intense, the bride then ombre dyed the lace shell of her gown as well.

The dip-dyed look adds a burst of color to just the ends of your dress. This nontraditional look is especially versatile because it allows you to incorporate color into your wedding dress without it being obvious in every picture.

We like to think of this dip-dyed gray look as adding a touch of defiance to a bride’s style. The dress is classic and beautiful, and the pigment at the ends adds its own touch of moody glamour.

The burst of color at the bottom of this true white dress would be perfect for a tropical destination wedding.

The top of the dress features a conservative design that is juxtaposed with the fun-and-trendy burst of orange, giving this bride an air of undeniable spunk along with her picture-perfect beauty.

Holy ombre! This gown is ready for the runway. This dip dyed ombre masterpiece is perfect for a bride looking to make a major statement.

We’re dying over how perfectly this bride rocks her statement wedding gown. In all white, the dress would be the very picture of a traditional bridal gown. Instead, it’s dip-dyed with vibrant purples, magentas, reds and yellows that blend into a stunning sunset-like ombre. This bride mastered the look, even coordinating the colors in her dress to match her hair and bouquet.

The good news? There are plenty of easy DIY tutorials if you're looking to add your own personal touch by hand — all you need to do is crank out the baking soda, salt and fabric dye of your choice, and then go to town. Or, if you're feeling a little bit less hands-on, have no fear: Some artists and designers actually offer customized dip-dying services for the alternative bride, because wedding inspiration has been taken to a whole new level this year, and anything is possible.

Want to have your gorgeous gown professionally dip-dyed for that fabulous ombre effect? Contact our friends over at Alteria. Marisela is the master of design and she would be delighted to assist you!

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