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Do I really NEED a wedding rehearsal?

Practice Makes Perfect

We offer wedding rehearsals for every single wedding we coordinate for, whether it is a day-of package or we are planning the entire wedding. Most couples eagerly take up the offer of a run through, however, there are a few who decide against it.

"All of our bridal party has been in at least 5 weddings" is the common reason why people deny a rehearsal, however, there are other instances where people are coming from out of town or there just isn't a day that would work for everyone for a rehearsal.

And that's okay!

I am not going to tell you that a rehearsal is 100% necessary...because it absolutely isn't. I have done plenty of weddings where I quickly told everyone where they would be standing at the ceremony site right before they headed down the aisle, and everything went without a hitch. But in the cases where you have the ability to hold a rehearsal, we always recommend it.

And here is why:

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

The Line Up

Whether you have been in a wedding before or not, every wedding is different. You may have stood in a "V" shape at one wedding and on stairs at another. Or for a church wedding, you may have been sitting for the majority of the wedding in a specific seat assigned to you and the rest of the wedding party.

So, for that very reason, it is always a great idea to give your wedding party a practice run so they know where they will be standing or sitting throughout the ceremony, and where they need to walk so no one is nervous or confused.

The bride and groom are the ones who have it easy!

Wedding Rehearsal

​​The Pairings

Not every wedding party has an equal number of bridesmaids as they do groomsmen. And in these cases, we typically match up two bridesmaids with one groomsman, for example. While it's nice and simple when everyone just pairs up with each other, there are instances where it is still simple, but needs to be brought to everyone's attention so they know WHO they are walking with for both the processional and recessional.

Yes, sometimes it is different! Is a groomsman walking your mom down the aisle and then looping back around into the "groomsmen processional"? There are so many ways to run a ceremony and every ceremony is slightly different in its own way.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

The Maid of Honor Duties

We give the maid of honor 3 duties:

1. Take the bouquet from the bride once she gets down the aisle.

2. Make the bride's dress look pretty for the duration of the ceremony.

3. Give the bride back her bouquet (because she will forget) before she begins the recessional.

Yes, we could tell the Maid of Honor these "duties" the day of the wedding, but we believe it's best to have her walk through them when there are less jitters in her system.

Wedding Rehearsal

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Speaking of jitters...

On the day of the rehearsal, everyone is excited. But it is a relaxed excitement. And on the day of the wedding, everyone has more of a jittery excitement. The wedding party is smiling and giggly and talkative and doesn't really want to listen to what we have to say...and I don't blame them! They want to hurry up and get their best friend married!

So, it is much easier to explain to everyone what to do and when to do it, when they are more focused on the task at hand.

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

The Little Ones

What about your flower girl and ring bearer? It's always best to practice with them beforehand, and then again on the wedding day, so they know where they are walking and where they can find their parents to sit for the rest of the ceremony, once (or if) they make it down the aisle!

The Photos

And on top of that? If something is practiced just once or twice the day or week before, everyone is more likely to look comfortable and natural up there...just as you want them to be.

Wedding Rehearsal

Pre-Wedding Reminders

At the end of every rehearsal, I group everyone together, parents included, and go over some important details:

1. The lead planner provides the bridal party with their cell phone number. And the #1 rule is: DO NOT CALL THE BRIDE OR GROOM ON THE WEDDING DAY. No texting, emailing, and no ifs ands or buts. If you forget something, your dog eats your tux, or you are stranded on the side of the freeway, call the PLANNER. If you don't have a coordinator, select your Maid of Honor or a bridesmaid for this duty. we promise, you'll thank us!

2. What time do you need to be there on the wedding day? For some reason, we ask this question every time and there is always silence among everyone...including the bride and groom. And so, we remind everyone - the groomsmen need to be here at this time, the bridesmaids need to be here at this time, and the parents need to be here at this time.

A rehearsal really only takes about 10 minutes total (We leave an hour because everyone will ALWAYS be late!) so if it means you feel comfortable up there, then 10 minutes is well worth your time!

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