• Raina

Dyeing Your Wedding Shoes

Did you know that you can hand-paint your white wedding shoes after your big day? That way you will get more wear from your fabulous footwear and enjoy a really fun DIY project!

We prefer to use Jacquard Textile Color. You can purchase this at craft stores as well as on Amazon. Be sure you also purchase a good set of paint brushes as well. Once they arrive, carefully paint the satin using a broad brush around the larger portions and a fine brush near the edges. Once you've painted your whole shoe, blow it dry with a warm hairdryer. This will not only speed the drying process but heat seal the paint, too.

When used on satin shoes it dyes quite nicely, however, lesser so on lace. The finish tends to come off with more of a dull sheen, so be sure to determine the type of finish you wish to have on satin vs. lace covered shoes.

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