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Dyeing Your Wedding Shoes

Imani Bridal - Dyeable Shoes

Did you know that you can hand-paint your white wedding shoes after your big day? That way you will get more wear from your fabulous footwear and enjoy a really fun DIY project!

Fabric Paint

We prefer to use Jacquard Textile Color. You can purchase this at craft stores as well as on Amazon. Be sure you also purchase a good set of paint brushes as well. Once they arrive, carefully paint the satin using a broad brush around the larger portions and a fine brush near the edges. Once you've painted your whole shoe, blow it dry with a warm hairdryer. This will not only speed the drying process but heat seal the paint, too.

Imani Bridal - Dyeable Shoes

When used on satin shoes it dyes quite nicely, however, lesser so on lace. The finish tends to come off with more of a dull sheen, so be sure to determine the type of finish you wish to have on satin vs. lace covered shoes.

Imani Bridal - Dyeable Shoes

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