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Eat, Drink and Re-Marry!!

I know it is a bit strange, a divorce party?

However, these types of events are growing in popularity. If you think about it. Different major events in your life, graduations, birthday, weddings, and retirements are all celebrated. If you went through a messy divorce, wouldn’t you want a chance to celebrate surviving and coming out a better person?

While we understand that not everyone can hold a divorce party for various emotional reasons...sometimes it is not appropriate or it just might be too painful. We believe that if your divorce is amicable, however, why not celebrate by surrounding yourself with love as you begin a new chapter in your lives apart.

Whether you choose to celebrate together or apart, we always say go big or go home. Celebrate YOU!

We can help you to choose a venue, select colors, a theme and the perfect caterer. It’s almost like planning a wedding, but instead you get to make the decisions without the nagging of your ex-mother in law.

We will help you hire a rockin DJ so you can dance the night away, and bartender who will make fun signature cocktails.

Go all out! Invite your closest friends who got you through this divorce as well as your family. Most of the time families need to celebrate your divorce because they were just as close to your ex as you were. It would be very inappropriate to invite your children, so plan the party around a weekend the kids are with your ex or if you choose to celebrate the separation together we can help you find a sitter for the night!

Divorce parties are also an efficient way to move on with your lives. You are ready move forward, so why not do it at a set date and time? Everyone will know that your divorce is over. You can gather all your friends in one place and get all those awkward conversations out of the way (the ones where people don’t know whether to say they’re sorry or congratulate you). We can even arrange for an anti-wedding ceremony where you give back your rings and take back your vows.

You actually do have something to celebrate. You don’t have to celebrate the end of your marriage, but you should certainly celebrate the end of your divorce. The divorce process sucks. It’s messy, and if you’re lucky, that’s all it is. For many, it’s also emotionally draining, infuriating, and scary. If you survive, there is definitely cause for celebration.

So, if you are divorced, have a party! Re-release yourselves in to the wild and celebrate the opportunity in front of you. It would have been ideal if your marriage worked out, but if it didn't then you should declare to the world that you are open for business.

There are great cake options. (See above.) How could your spirits not be lifted by picking out a divorce cake? Whether you want to see “Free at Last” spelled out in frosting, or the figure of a bloodied groom lying at the bottom of the cake, there’s something for everyone.

And we just LOVE this ex-groom's cake!

You need closure. It’s good for your mental health, and probably your physical health, too. Throwing a big party might seem like a strange way to get closure after a failed marriage, but it’s better than sulking in your apartment. Putting a positive spin on things can’t hurt.

So, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you plan the perfect divorce!

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