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Eco-Friendly Bridesmaid Gifts from WHITL Woodworking

Looking to support local while finding the perfect gift to add to a bridesmaid proposal box or even something to gift your Bride Tribe for the big day? Be sure to have a look at all the beautiful, handmade, eco friendly options that Whitl Woodworking has to offer! Each item is designed in Abilene, Texas by Sam who, after hand cutting each individual piece then passes the designs along to John and Judy in Eastland, Texas who painstakingly assemble each creation with love and care, so when I tell you they are handmade...I am not kidding! This is truly a local operation!!

But their story gets even more heartwarming...once Sam and Judy realized that they had more than two people could keep up with they approached their local state school to ask if they could hire the intellectually disabled, providing them with purpose and a paycheck and keeps production in the United States. Best of all, this also provides those individuals with skills that they can then translate to other forms of employment should they choose to explore that option.

I just got this gorgeous pair of leather earrings and I don’t plan on taking them off any time soon! They are lightweight, soft and versatile while making a statement at the same time! Certainly can’t ask for anything better than that!! Plus, knowing that this company is made up from hardcore recylclers who only source their wood from sustainable sources and use only vegan leather it certainly makes you feel good about sending business their way. Their delightful packaging is even upcycled! It all comes from their local grocery stores. They take all the boxes they possibly can and reuse every single bit.

These delicate yet fashionable earrings are so lightweight that you hardly feel them at all making them incredibly comfortable for long term wear. The best part is that all the leather is also vegan and the wood is responsibly sourced. These beautiful pieces are truly Texan in that they are both traditional and forward-looking. With styles inspired by cowboy and Native American...Mexican and American you are sure to find something that appeals to all the ladies on your list. Be sure to tag both Whitl Woodworking and Weddings & Events by Raina when you post your Whitl earrings so we can all ooh and ahh over your choices!

Invest in the future of our planet by visiting their website. There are so many more leather and wood options...don't you want to take home a slice of Texas today!?!

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