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Engagement Sessions: What do I wear?

You found the perfect photographer and you booked your engagement session, but you don't know what to wear for those potential Save The Date photos? Here are our top the tips so you don't get lost in your wardrobe!

If even on a daily basis we are already undecided most days about what we will wear to go out or to work, imagine trying to decide for a photoshoot, whose record is forever? Certainly nobody wants to regret their choices later.

The location:

The choice of clothing should reflect your choice of location. This will fully exploit the creative capacity of the place. On the beach, wear light clothes. In a green field, be a bright pop of color. In a garden, solids only as to not compete with nature's beauty. After all, exploring the possibilities that your chosen location offers can guarantee unique and beautiful images Be you bring a change of clothes as well. Whether you get wet or dirty during your session or just for a few different looks to add variety, it is always a good plan to have 2-3 outfit options on hand.

Don't forget to consider your environment as well as the season. Light clothes in places like this clearing in the woods also guarantee a unique balance and natural movement in the photos, but disregard this option if the place is very open and has a lot of wind. In this case, choose slightly heavier fabrics and clothes that are a more slender cut that lay in a closer fit to your frame.

Wear what you like:

It may seem cliché, but it is essential that you wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personal style. Stick to your vibe whether you are a basic, casual, hippie, rocker…just be sure that you do you, boo!

The color combination matters:

Regardless of what kind of photo session you might be preparing for, it is always important that the colors of your clothes combine. So, if it's just the two of you, or you opt to add in your children or fur babies, make sure that everything is cohesive. This means that the color palette must be harmonious between everybody, so that there are no glaring contrasts or combination clashes. For example, if one of you is in a busy print, the other should be in a solid so they don't compete for the viewer's attention.

Notice in the photos below how the clothes mesh well between the people in each couple. Either pairing a solid with a print or keeping within a similar color palate.

Shoes are different for every occasion:

If the session is on the beach, you will not want to wear high heels, right? Or if you're hiking out to a waterfall you may want cute sandals or cowboy boots. Think about your shoes according to the location where the photos will be taken and the combination of them with the rest of the clothes.

Not at all thrilled with anything in your closet? Consider these rental options instead!

Best Overall: Rent The Runway

Best Luxury: Vince Unfold

Best Curation: Armoire

Best Budget: Nuuly Rent

Best For Plus Size: Gwynnie Bee

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