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Fabulous Favors - Gifts for the Guests

We are big believers in giving wedding favors to your guests. If you really think about it, they not only took the time to attend your wedding, they also brought you a wedding present and some of them were even there for your bridal shower and brought you even more presents. We love the idea of returning the favor by giving them a little trinket to take home and enjoy immediately and in some cases for years to come! However, let's first forgo the old outdated ideas of Jordan almonds in tulle or creme mints and update things for a fun new twist!

"Meant to Bee" because "Love is Sweet"

Small jars of jam and honey always look so cute at a place setting waiting to greet your guests when they sit down. We can pretty much guarantee you that your guests will love not only the look of them, but almost certainly what they find waiting for them inside.

"Let Love Grow"

Not only are these green wedding favors both environmentally and in color, but these plants and seeds double as adorable place settings or escort cards. They look perfect on the table waiting to greet your guests, as well. We are big fans of giving out packets of wildflower seeds with a little message on the packet along the lines of "Spread the love!" or "Let love grow!" Your guests can plant them at their homes or in their gardens and when they grown and bloom they will think of how wonderful your wedding was every time they see them.

"Blinded by Love"

Keep your guest cool if you're getting married in the hot-hot southern summer by providing them with a cute fan or even parasols and fedoras to make sure they're not dripping as they watch you exchange your vows. These cute wooden fans are something guests will always reuse and think of you every time. And don't you just love these "blinded by the love" personalized sunglasses?!

"Keep it Local"

We love the idea of our southern brides giving out peaches and produce to their guests or even a little bit of Music City with a CD of their favorite love songs and a personalized guitar pick or even local sweets like Olive & Sinclair chocolate, Goo Goo Clusters or even Moon Pies. No matter when your wedding will be, you'll always be able to find some local flair with which to thank & say goodbye to your guests.

"Wedding Memories"

Practical gifts are lovely ways to keep the wedding memories going. By having your favors double as your escort cards by using toasting glasses or picture frames they can work double duty. Your guests can take these delightful and whimsical wedding favors home with them at the end of the night, and continue to use most of them almost every day!

"Love is Sweet"

By incorporating your wedding colors, you can send your guests home at the end of the night with sweet dreams. You can set up a candy bar for your guests create their own goodie bag to take to the little ones at home. You can also offer them kisses from the bride and groom or delightful little macaroons and champagne for a little "ooh la la!"

"Love the Traditional"

If your mother truly has her heart set on those more traditional butter creme mints or Jordan almonds that just seem super old fashioned and outdated to you, a wonderful compromise would be to simply update the packaging! You can have that adorable little treat festively waiting to greet your guests at their seats and your mother can have the wedding favors she has always dreamed you would have at your reception.

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