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Succulent Stunners!

succulent statement necklace

If you really are looking for a way to make a WOW!! statement with your wedding day jewelry for yourself and your bridesmaids, PassionflowerMade is definitely the way to go!

succulent statement bracelet

What is a girl to do when she wants to really make a statement on her wedding day with something completely unique? Diamonds are always nice, but something you just need something new and different. Say hello to succulent jewelry. If you are looking for statement pieces for you and your lovely ladies, these succulent stunners give so much life, literally!

succulent statement ring

succulent statement earrings

The handmade accessories are real living and breathing plants, in the form of jewelry. Each piece is hand crafted by Susan McLeary from Ann Arbor, Michigan. This blooming collector of statement necklaces, rings, cuffs, earrings and headpieces are all sold at her store, Passion Flower. The inspiration for this eye catching collection were boho bride accessories.

succulent statement boutonnière

succulent statement tiara

Each piece is created by hand with succulent artist, Susan McLeary, paying carful attention to the composition and color comprising each individual piece. Every design is chosen from a family owned greenhouse and paired with small business sourced jewelry. Treat it well and you can enjoy it for several weeks after the wedding festivities have come to a close.

succulent statement bracelet

While these jewels aren't timeless, they can still give a vibrant life on your body for up to four weeks and literally grow as you wear them. Even though they don't last forever, I think that watching the evolution of your wedding jewelry over time would be quite a cool experience!

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