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Find Your Perfect Wedding Day Manicure

Most brides, when they got married would opt for a simple French manicure, however, truth be told, ladies, it’s kind of outdated. I'm mean, let's be honest. You've likely haven't gotten a traditional French manicure since high school, so why go with something just sort of standard for a day that is supposed to be special?

Now, granted, we can't all be Sophie Turner, rocking lilac nails on the wedding day and not even thinking twice about it, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with a French manicure if that is what suits you. Its clean, classic, understated, and pretty. It goes nicely with all the white, pink, champagne, rose gold soft, bridal-y trends.

That said, there certainly is more traditional, far less busy vibe that accompanies a more formal French manicure, so we thought we’d look into just how nuanced this nail trend can go, and WOW, nail artists these days are doing so many beautiful, elegant and fun things to refresh this tried and true look. So, if you’re still trying to determine how to deck out your digits, keep reading for some of our favorites. They are sure to inspire and amaze you!

Instead of going old school square with your shape, soften it up. Opt for a short, rounded, perfectly polished tip like this lovely infinity-style French manicure with the bands on the bottom and top.

The basic French manicure calls for a thick, but pretty, white band at the tip. Personally, we love a much thinner take on the traditional style. Extra points for bands that aren’t even white or an extra one on the bottom or midway and even more points if you prefer pearls going along the side instead!

Opting for a sheer base color, and then shaking up your sparkle for a more avante-garde look by adding rhinestones or pearls really goes the extra mile for glam. Truth be told, we're obsessed with these blingy nails! Nails to match those ah-mazing Miu Miu bridal pumps? YES PLEASE!! Love this idea.

Here are a whole host of our most favorite looks that the Gram has to offer.

Be sure to comment below to let us know your favorite modern day bridal look.

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