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10 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Trends

Whether you want a vintage ring or a modern one, a coloured stone or a diamond, a rose gold band or a platinum one this will help you choose something to reflect your own personal style because you have to remember this will become an heirloom piece that will be treasured for generations.

rose gold engagement ring

So, while we’re talking engagement ring trends, the cuts, colours, metal types and design styles that are set to be big in 2016, the best thing about this is that you can take an element of a trend, or a combination of a few, and use it to create your very own ring, that’s as classic, or as cool, as you like.

Pretty great, right?

Okay, so without further ado, check out the rings that we think are going to be a pretty big deal in 2016.

solitare engagement ring

Solitare rings were huge about 15 years ago, and they’re already making a comeback in a big way, but this is an even more special take on the single stone style.

diamond engagement rings

Rings with an open setting are especially popular among celebrities, because they are the perfect way to show off a really standout stone. Look for a four prong setting to give maximum impact to your diamond or gemstone, and consider a pavé band to really amp up the sparkle of a more simple solitaire ring.

open setting engagement ring

Halo rings have been among the most popular choice for brides-to-be for a few years now, and there’s good reason why this trend isn’t going anywhere. Not only are halo rings all kinds of pretty, but they’re a great way of amping up a smaller stone or giving serious sparkle to a more muted gem like an emerald, sapphire or black diamond.

Halo engagement rings

Pear cuts While the more unusual cuts of diamonds have been gathering momentum over the last couple of years, for example pear cuts were all the rage in 2015, we reckon 2016 will be all about the marquise.

There’s something really vintage-looking and timeless about this distinctive, regal shape, which makes it a beautiful addition to any ring. Though by playing around with the placement, or pairing it with other stones, it can also be a modern, unique, and entirely versatile cut.

baguette engagement ring

We’ve been spotting these ‘over under’ style rings popping up here and there over recent months, and we reckon they’re set to take over as a trend this year. As with rings with open settings, these are really great at showing off a quality stone, and are perfect for someone with a clean, modern style.

Ask about rings with a wrapped or split shank o check out the gorgeous variations this trend has to offer.

over under engagement rings

Vintage style wedding rings are always in fashion, but this new take on the trend has us especially excited. From elaborate filigree bands, to something a little more artisan or bohemian, textured and embellished bands are taking on new levels of style.

For brides who are less about the centrepiece and more about the aesthetic of the ring as a whole, this is the trend for you.

rose gold engagement rings

No jewelry trend has grown quite as quickly in recent years, as rose gold. With its pinkish undertones, this chic metal adds a lot of romance to a ring, and is a much more subtle setting for white stones than its yellow counterpart. Particularly pretty with pink stones like morganite, we also love the idea of pairing it with turquoise, black diamonds or rubies. Definitely a trend to follow if you’re looking for something elegant, understated or unusual.

colored gemstone engagement rings

We just love that brides are getting more creative with their choices of colored stones in engagement rings.

While the classics like blue sapphires, emeralds and rubies are as popular as ever, the likes of pink sapphires, morganite, canary diamonds, black diamonds and peridots are all set to enjoy a bit of a moment in 2016 too.

colored gemstone engagement rings

One of the more classic cuts of diamonds, princess cuts have seen a resurgence of late, as a centrepiece in more contemporary settings. As one of the more affordable cuts, princess rings are beautiful as a simple solitaire, but for added impact, choose them with a halo setting, paired with baguettes, or with a pretty pavé band.

princess cut engagement rings

Baguette cut stones pack in a lot of bang for your buck, and work really well as accent stones for your engagement ring, which is perhaps why they’ve become hugely popular in jewelry over recent years.

Harking back to art deco designs, these long, narrow stones give a glamorous, vintage finish to more modern designs. Perfect for someone who wants the best of both!

vintage engagement ring

It used to be that engagement rings came in white gold, yellow gold, or maybe platinum, but now rings can come in all manner of metallic hues, textures, and finishes, all as precious and long-lasting as gold.

As couples continue to add more personality to their ring choices, it’s little wonder that their choice of metals has become a lot more creative too. We love the idea of mixing metals, opting for a brushed or hammered texture, or choosing a modern jewelry metal like palladium or tungsten (which is massively popular in men’s wedding bands!)

wedding proposal

So many gorgeous rings, right? Which trend is your favourite?

We’re particularly partial to the rose gold and marquise styles, though the Mokume bands are just so cool and unique as well.

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