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Gorgeous, garish grooms cakes

They are bright, garish, and can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore on your carefully crafted pastel wedding palette. However they are also fun and one of the longest-running wedding traditions in the world. We're talking about the groom's cake, of course!! And who better to chat about this with than Jo West from Jo's Custom Cakes and Catering.

"Of all the wedding day “traditions,” the groom’s cake tends to be one of the most fun," according to Jo, who has been making sculpted cakes of all shapes and sizes for decades. We agree! After all, how great is it to have a special recognition in place for your groom on a day that can sometimes revolve pretty heavily around the bride?

The tradition for a groom’s cake might be seen as one spawned in the Southern states, but it in fact, dates back to Victorian England and is still observed by the British royal family today. (Prince William had a Rich Tea chocolate biscuit cake!) During the Victorian era when there were three cakes at a wedding...the actual wedding cake, which was served to the guests; the groom’s cake, which was served to the groomsmen; and the bride’s cake, which was served to the bridesmaids.

Grooms’ cakes usually consist of dark chocolate or fruit with a boozy element too (lots of our favourite things!) to act as a contrast to the wedding cake, which is usually white or light-colored, elegant and sweet. However, don’t feel confined to fit that mold. These days, the groom’s cake can come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors as a nod to the main man at the wedding, in a day that’s otherwise all about the bride. For a modern take, a chocolate Guinness cake or brandy black forest would work beautifully.

While we’re sure you guys appreciate the gesture, many modern couples plan their day together, with both of their choices reflected in every aspect of the wedding. That said, who are we to turn down cake?!

As the Southern tradition for grooms’ cakes has evolved, so too have the cakes themselves. If you talk to Jo she can show you quite a wide array of grooms’ cakes in all manner of odd shapes and novelty bakes, from sugar paste cigars to icing crafted into baked hams, there’s also quite a few dead ducks, we're told, hunting is a common theme, as are food and football.

Now while we love all things novel we’re also partial to the idea of something a little more classy, for stylish grooms who want their cake to be just as elegant as the rest of their day. Your groom’s cake can be an opportunity to feature a showstopping centerpiece to your dessert table, or to add a non-traditional cake into the mix.

The tradition used to be that it would be served at the rehearsal dinner. Following the conclusion of the dinner, remaining slices would be boxed up and given to all the single ladies to sleep with under their pillows. Legend had it, they would dream of their perfect man the night before the wedding. These days, however, we have a feeling your single friends wouldn’t thank you for the gesture.

Now more than ever, many grooms’ cakes are being customized to the fit your favorite guy’s favorite hobbies and flavors. A cake that displays a pastime, such as golfing, fishing or guitar playing is perfectly fitting. His favorite football team or even his alma mater also make a fine choice.

Have a groom who doesn’t love cake? First of all, he’s missing out! But second, you do still have plenty of options! Perhaps a donut, crepe, or Oreo “cake” would better hit the spot. Jo can even whip up an array of cookies, donuts or his favorite childhood sweets or even create a fake cake with his drink of choice! No matter what your groom can dream up Jo can create! Be sure to contact her today for a consultation and tasting. (YUM!!)

Now, while this ISN'T a groom's cake, we simply could not complete this blog post without showing you one of our all time favorite cakes that Jo has created...a Game of Thrones wedding cake!! This combines the whimsy and playfulness of the traditional groom's cake with the elegance and beauty of the traditional wedding cake. We are pretty much positive there isn't anything that Jo's Custom Cakes & Catering can't do!

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