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Heather + Kevin / Saddle Woods Farm - Elegant Boho Barn Wedding

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Some of the most beautiful souls find each other though a chance meeting...what Heather and Kevin hadn't counted on was exactly who would be setting up this serendipitous meeting that would strike a love match...

Another love that lasted a lifetime was that of the love between Dahlia and Butters. Butters was a wonderful therapy dog with a giving heart. When Heather relocated to California from Colorado she was unable to bring him with her to work anymore, so he began to attend doggie daycare, and unbeknownst to Heather, he also began a new profession as a doggie therapist. When Butters saw Dahlia for the first time he recognized those same signs of anxiety that he used to help his human patients work through. Dahlia, being a sweet rescue pup, had abandonment issues and hated to be alone. She too had recently moved from Colorado to California, so there were many changes for her to contend with. Butters never left her side, keeping her calm and happy throughout the day and a friendship bloomed. Dahlia even began to look forward to her daily visits to doggie daycare and her time with Butters as their feelings for one another quite obviously grew. She knew she has someone who truly cared, understood, and would stand by her side no matter what. It wasn't long after the friendship and love that grew between Butters and Dahlia would also blossom and grow between their humans as well.

A decade later, after several replans and reschedules thanks to Covid-19, Heather and Kevin finally found themselves exchanging rings, taking sacred vows to honor, love, cherish one another...a fitting and lasting tribute to the lasting bond of love and loyalty that Butters and Dahlia shared with each other, but also with Heather and Kevin themselves.

With family being of the utmost importance to Kevin and Heather, they opted to have a tree planting ceremony to not only symbolize the roots of their relationship and the continued growth of their love, but also of their roots...the family that they came from all now growing together. Their parents added soil to the base of the tree to symbolize their roles in helping them grow and flourish. Then Heather and Kevin added water to the soil to nourish the tree, encouraging many new branches of their family tree to grow and thrive.

Following the ceremony guests were invited to attend the cocktail hour outside enjoying the beautiful, cool evening air. There were lawn games such as Giant Jenga, lawn bowling, oversized Connect Four and, of course, Corn Hole which was played late into the evening.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the unveiling of their very own signature cocktail during that time as well. Carefully created by Concoctions, their bartenders served up these refreshing drinks in specially engraved mule mugs...a delightful gift for each guest to take home with them!

While the carefully curated autumnal meal created by Chef Penelope's Catering was being served the toasts began. Some brought tears to everyone's eyes, but many more had all in attendance roaring with laughter. Using the flutes specially engraved for the couple by The Gifted Hand, given to them by their Weddings & Events by Raina team, Kevin and Heather really began to get into the spirit of celebration!

During dinner, guests were seated at elegantly appointed tables featuring beautifully fragranced fall arrangements from Larson Floral Co. The large cedarwood barn was highlighted with soft touches of champagne and dark brown drapery from Nashville Event Draping as well as hints of amber uplighting to provide a warm golden glow to the space.

The real star of the show, however, was Heather's incredible bouquet comprised entirely of autumnal blooms and real fallen leaves, perfectly preserved for her beautiful bouquet. At certain points we actually think that it was receiving more oohs and aahs than Heather's magnificent boho wedding dress with detachable sleeves!

Following dinner, Heather, but especially Kevin, excitedly cut their nearly naked snickerdoodle wedding cake created for them by Jenifer's Cakes. Knowing that Kevin is such a huge fan of sweets, Heather opted to surprise him with an entire dessert buffet, also from Jenifer's Cakes, of all of his favorite treats.

Guests were invited to join Kevin in feasting on everything from wedding cake to chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats to lemon, strawberry and vanilla cupcakes to chocolate covered strawberries to snickerdoodle cake pops dipped in spicy Mexican chocolate to cinnamon apple pie shooters to chocolate chip cookies for the dessert purists.

Heather, Kevin and all their guests took advantage of that massive sugar rush and rook to the dance floor in droves. Thankfully Kevin and Heather opted to go with the best wedding band in Nashville, For A Good Time Call. They kept everyone going well into the evening!

For those guests who needed a break from the dance floor, in addition to a coffee, tea and cocoa bar, Heather and Kevin also had a super fun photo booth set up. The special thing about this "Social Booth" from Ivory Door Studio is that it doesn't just take snapshots and selfies. It also allows guests to create silly GIFs of themselves, so we saw some pretty hilarious goings on over on that side of the room!

We are so glad that Kevin & Heather opted to have Ivory Door Studio's entire team on site at Saddle Woods Farm so that not a single memory was missed. After all, long after the cake has been consumed and the flowers forgotten all that will be left are your beautiful memories of the amazing day that Weddings & Events by Raina helped plan for you.

For more of this beautiful wedding, click here to see the video from our website.

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