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Here Goes The Bride!

Remember when you said, "I do!" to being a bridesmaid? At that same time you also unwittingly agreed to a laundry list of other tasks that are going to bring you and the bride MUCH closer together in ways that you might never have imagined. Everything from dancing to Bruno Mars with the bride's great uncle to helping her go to the bathroom in her wedding dress. So, between getting all dolled up for the big day and getting your drink on, expect a couple of adventures to the ladies room where you will grab, twist, and hold whatever you have to in order to help her pee anywhere but on her beautiful dress.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that goes without a splash!

1. To the Window, to the Wall

This may be the opposite of everything you've learned or done in your 20-something years, but the easiest way to do this is by having the bride face the wall and straddle the toilet in that direction. That way, the back/train of her dress will be away from the toilet.

2. Grab Another Pair of Hands

Invite another warrior bridesmaid along. One of you should conquer the left side of her dress and the other, the right side. As the bride squats, both of you should grab and lift as much fabric as you can.

Don't even try to go in a bathroom that's not the handicap stall. You'll want to grab onto the bars and use the extra space to spread out while you assist the bride with holding the layers of her dress.

Because once you've figured out a way for your bride to go to the bathroom, you'll realize that there are few people in this world who can pee on demand, let alone with two other people standing by your side watching. Run the water or ask another bridesmaid to come along with you and go in a different stall.

3. The Trash Bag

This trick is cheap and surprisingly effective. Simply have someone stash some extra trash bags in the ladies room for you. When you are ready to use the facilities, tear a hole in the bottom of the trash bag that is just wide enough for you to fit your feet through. Do your best to keep the hole small as it will expand as you pull it up your legs. You want to be sure that it fits tightly. Step into the trash bag and pull your feet through the hole. Keep in mind, this will be considerably easier for you if you remove your heels first. Stand near a wall so you won't loose your balance and pull the top of the bag up as you carefully load your dress into it while keeping your feet close together to avoid widening the hole too much. Inevitably, some of your gown will try to escape through the leg hole, but it isn't a big deal as you can just shove it back up into the bag. Carefully shimmy the back up your body as you get all the dress parts, ruffles, ribbons. sashes, and trains into the bag. Once you get the leg hole around your waist you can gather the slack at the top of the bag. Carefully holding it in one hand you have your other hand free for...bathroom things. Once you have relieved yourself, just rip that bag off and free your dress. Just be sure to step AWAY from any toilet water first!! Then return to enjoy your reception. It isn't worth trying to reuse bags since the leg hole will get all stretched out with each use.

4. The Bridal Buddy

The Bridal Buddy is an undergarment slip that comes in a cute pink bag. This sheer drawstring skirt is worn under your wedding dress. and has holes through which the bride can slip her arms. while being white can make it a little bit difficult to differentiate between your actual wedding dress and your Bridal Buddy, once you locate it underneath your dress you can simply scoop all the dress parts, ruffles, ribbons. sashes, and trains into the Bridal Buddy slipping your arms into the straps freeing both your hands for...bathroom things. Then when you are done, step AWAY from any toilet water, remove the straps from your arms and voila! You are ready to return to your reception. At $59.99 it may seem like a considerable expense for a one time use, but you can always resell your Bridal Buddy or even split the cost with a bridesmaid who plans to marry next!

To watch a video on the Bridal Buddy, just click here.

Additional tips...

Set up times with the bride, in advance, to visit the bathroom. For example, before the ceremony, before the reception, after the toasts and and before you get so drunk you might be the one that needs help in the bathroom!

And finally, if things prove to be too difficult with her gown, have her simply (but CAREFULLY) take her dress off. However, if this is the case, be sure to allot about 25 minutes for each bathroom trip.

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