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Honeymoon in style with Ultimate VIP Travel

Ultimate VIP Travel will not only save you time and money but give you all of the extra added bonuses you can only access through them. Read on to find out even more reasons why using travel agent for your honeymoon is more popular than ever!

With so many details involved in planning your wedding, often we find that your honeymoon gets overlooked. You realize you are a few months away from your wedding and suddenly you are stressing out over the rapidly raising airline rates and scrambling to find a decent resort or Airbnb!! And there are so many choices out there, it truly can be overwhelming.

Let us save you from the stress with five top tips on why you should use Ultimate VIP Travel for your honeymoon plans.  

1. Ultimate VIP Travel will save you time.

With all the other things you are focusing on during the wedding planning process, let Ultimate VIP Travel do all the heavy lifting for you. Kristina and her team will meet with you, ask you some key questions and then plan your perfect custom honeymoon. That equals no stress for you!! Just give her your favorite travel ideas, (we highly recommend Sandals resorts for a super romantic honeymoon) and let her do all the hard work for you. If you would prefer, she can even coordinate everything virtually so you don't have to try to make room in your schedule meet up in person unless you want to. This will make your honeymoon feel like an incredible gift you give yourselves.

2. Ultimate VIP Travel will save you money on your honeymoon.

MYTH: You end up paying more money by booking through a travel agent. FACT:  you are most likely wrong. Thinking that travel agents are an extra “expense” is the biggest myth about the industry, and our super busy, information overdrive world citizens are finally catching on to this. Booking a travel agent to plan your honeymoon is on the rise. A travel agent can get you the best deals on all your arrangements including flight, hotel and excursions you wish to take on your trip. Plus, as long as you use a reputable travel agent, the money you’ll save by only booking the best options and with the more reputable companies instead of wasting your money on unvetted experiences, is money in your pocket at the end of the day right next to the memories of a lifetime.

3. Ultimate VIP Travel can hook you up with upgrades.

In addition to general bookings and money saving benefits, Ultimate VIP Travel can boost your entire honeymoon experience. They have valuable travel connections and contacts to make your honeymoon the best in every way! Kristina and her team can hook you up with upgrades at prices you would never know were possible and get you additional bonuses that you would not have access to booking your trip directly on your own. Amazing things like oceanfront views, Jacuzzis and soaking tubs, in-room massages...the list goes on and on. Don't forget to ask about flight upgrades, too. After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than flying first class to your honeymoon destination!

4. Ultimate VIP Travel has access to amazing resorts & activities you might not be aware of.

We know you feel like you’ve seen all the resort destinations and adventure opportunities in your recent Google searches, but trust us, you haven’t seen the half of them. Ultimate VIP Travel has planned numerous trips to a wide variety of destinations. They know exactly where the best places to stay are, the most exciting things to do, and everything in between for honeymooning couples! Whether you are both seasoned travelers or not, when it comes to your honeymoon, it’s nice to be able have everything arranged for you.

5. Ultimate VIP Travel will handle any surprise issues that come along. 

No matter how well you plan, when it’s go time, sometimes there are bumps in the road. Ultimate VIP Travel will still have your back even after you have set off for your trip. This means if your room isn’t up to par or you run into any unpleasant surprises, you can turn to Kristina and her team to help get you out of that pickle.

Having a direct contact for any issues is absolutely invaluable. They will even make sure that you are registered for any and all freebies and bonuses available! Ultimate VIP Travel can also help you prevent many unforeseen issues due to their extensive. knowledge of the resorts they book.

6. Ultimate VIP Travel has a honeymoon registry!

How does it sound to have some extra money for excursions, spa treatments, an additional upgrade to your accommodations or even your entire honeymoon paid for? Ultimate VIP Travel makes it simple for people who love you to contribute towards your honeymoon.

7. Ultimate VIP Travel has a rewards program for repeat customers!

Once you experience your amazing honeymoon with Ultimate VIP Travel at the helm, we are sure you will be ready to book your next vacation with them as well. Good news! For every additional trip you book, you get rewards that you can use towards all kinds of things like unique travel must haves, spa treatments and even free travel! Kristina and her team can give you all the details!

Ultimate VIP Travel

Dream it. Do it.

...and be sure to check out Kristina's blog Ultimate Travel Secrets for even more travel tips!

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